R U Ready 2?

The Scriptures say that God is able to make all grace abound toward us that we may have sufficiency in all that we are called to. I truly believe this. When God calls us to a specific work, He has already made provision (in the eternal realm) for everything that we need to accomplish that work, we sometimes just have to bear witness to certain things and then the provision is released. This is my experience of late.

I feel to say here too that God is not only interested in meeting our needs for a particular task, but He is also interested in sometimes giving us much more than what we need. This is how the words “abounding, abound, and abundance” are often used in the Scriptures. Those words bespeak of an ever-increasing superabundant supply from God that is above all that we can ask for or even think of. This, of course, is not just about money and material provision, but is about peace and of joy in the Holy Spirit, and is even about the anointing that is poured out on us (and through us) as we step out in faith and obedience to that which we are called.

Now, I feel to write about this here because I believe that some of us are now coming out of a long winter season of hard trials and are coming into a season of superabundant supply from God for the work that is ahead. It’s about freakin time!!! (oops, sorry). I am SO ready for this supply now, and for the work that is ahead. How about you?