Putting On The Wedding Garments

I feel led to comment just briefly on the following…

“But when the king came in to look over the dinner guests, he saw a man there who was not dressed in wedding clothes…”

Now, back in the days when I was held captive in the “rapture” camp, I found this verse quite perplexing. The teaching of “the rapture” and this guy in the wrong “clothes” just didn’t gel for me. I thought to myself back then, “Self … just how is it possible that omniscient God would ‘rapture’ the wrong guy to later realize His mistake and then send the guy off to a place of eternal torture and torment?” That just didn’t make any sense to me.

Well, I now know (because I can now ask God about these things and then actually hear from Him!) that the “wedding clothes” are clothes of actual righteousness, not imputed righteousness. This is not righteousness that comes from man (which is not righteous at all) but is the righteousness of God that is available to man through the atoning works of Jesus Christ. This righteousness is something that must be PUT ON through fellowship in Christ’s sufferings being conformed to His death, if we are to be properly “dressed“ at the Wedding Banquet..

In short, beloved, our wedding garments are Tailor made for us, but they must be “put on” by us in the working out of our salvation with fear and trembling.

Bless you all. — D