Putting on the Mind of Christ

To help solidify a few things for some people, I’m going reiterate here that reincarnation is a function of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, and that to “attain to the first resurrection” is to attain to the 5th dimension where one is alighted from the karma wheel and is thereby completely freed from the cycle of death and rebirth and from the trials of temptation and suffering. Truly this is a “blessed and holy” thing to attain to.

The dominant quality of the 5th dimension is love and kindness, and because of this all spirits in this realm take pleasure in rendering service and guidance to men. It is my understanding that this is not yet the place of “perfection,” though the spirits here are entirely free from the base passions which are common to spirits of lower degrees, and they have greatly progressed in knowledge and in wisdom as taught to them by the Holy Spirit.

Above the 5th dimension are the realms (dwelling places) of spirits who unite in an even HIGHER degree of knowledge, wisdom and goodness. It is my understanding that spirits of these high orders have a strong desire to impart to us just and true ideas in relation to the spirit-world, though the insight and understanding that they are allowed to impart must be within the limits of the knowledge permitted to earthly men. It is also my understanding that these upper-order spirits will TURN AWAY from those whose inquiries are prompted only by curiosity or who are drawn away from the path of moral uprightness by the attractions of materiality and carnality. I don’t imagine that I need to explain why this is.

To fellowship (commune) with these upper-order spirits relates to “putting on the mind of Christ,” beloved, for it means that one has gained access to the corporate mind of THE BODY OF CHRIST in all of the upper dimensions of the spirit world. Related to this; so often when someone discerns that they have “heard from the Lord” or “the Spirit,” in reality they have heard from the Spirit THROUGH THE BODY OF CHRIST which is at work in high dimensions of the spirit-world. For some of us, discernment with regard to whom we are interacting is increasing more and more. God loves to work through HIS BODY by His Spirit. We really ought to “get this” by now.

For those of you who want a biblical picture for what I’m describing here; think of Jesus meeting with Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration, for that is a pretty good look at the high-order interaction of an incarnate spirit with discarnate spirits who are working for his good.