Psalm 23 – The Way of Sons

Beloved, I’ve shared of Sonship recently, and of Mt Zion, the place from which Sons rule. I have also shared (not quite with these words though) that the only way to get to Mt Zion is THROUGH the Valley of the Shadow of Death. It seems that because of this, very few people make it to Zion in their lifetime.

Surely the doctrine of Sonship is exciting to most Christians who hear about it, but most of these people turn back from the way of actually knowing it, this when they come to the realization that THEY MUST pass through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Is it not written, beloved, that even though we walk through this valley we are to fear no evil because the Lord is with us in this place? Is this not the place where He leads us in paths of righteousness for His namesake and He comforts us with both His rod and His staff, and is this not the place where we are promised that a table will be prepared for us before our enemies? It is. There is great favor with God in this place.

Is it not in the Valley of the Shadow of Death where we are promised that our head will be anointed (for rulership) and our cup of blessing will be filled to overflow? It is, beloved. It is.

Why all of this in this place? Well, I think that this is because the goodness and the mercy of God follows hard after those who follow hard after Him. That’s why.