Prophetic Word

To My people;

The material wealth that has been given to many of you was given to you that you might relieve and comfort My suffering children, but many of you have been indifferent to the needs of others. You somehow feel superior to your poor brethren. You do not put yourselves in the poor man’s place, so you have little compassion for him. Mercy has died out in your hearts. You live in costly dwellings and you spend your time in splendid churches, and by doing this, the rich and the comfortable shut themselves away from the poor and the needy, and the very means that GOD has provided to bless the poor is spent in pampering pride and selfishness. In this same way the poor are robbed daily of their spiritual bread, and this because My teachers and My true ministers of the Gospel cannot afford to go to them. Sure, ample provision has been made for these spiritual fathers to go these little ones that they too might be taught and trained and prepared for kingdom work, but the means for comforting these and training these and the means that I have provided to meet the simple needs of these has been squandered and lost because of the love of money and the lust for material things at work in those who are called by My Name. Know this though, beloved; I AM in the process of raising up a people mighty in spirit from AMONG the poor and the afflicted and the downtrodden of the world, because it is those who have endured the pressure of want and have suffered the neglect of others who can and will minister with true compassion and love to men. Many who call themselves by My Name today treat the poor with contempt, tossing the little ones a bit here and a bit there making them feel as paupers. But many of these that are seen as paupers I will raise up as true ministers of righteousness and compassion. These will be anointed with My Spirit and with POWER while others are brought very low. I behold all, church, and it is I who said and now say again; It was I who was hungry and thirsty who you neglected. It was I who was a stranger and without shelter but you did not take Me in. It was I who was sick but you helped me not, and it was I who was in prison but you did not visit Me. While you were feasting at your bountifully spread table, it was I who was famished and was curled up and crying on the empty and cold street. While you were at ease in your luxurious home and were watching your TV and were playing with your computer, it was I who had nowhere to lay My head. While you crowded your wardrobe with rich apparel and with many different shoes for your feet, it was I who was destitute and laying on the street barefoot and in defiled and torn clothing. While you pursued your selfish pleasures and went on your lavish vacations, it was I who languished in prison feeling lonely and forsaken by you. When you even doled out that pittance of bread to the starving poor man on the street, and when you gave out those flimsy garments to shield the homeless lady from the biting cold, did you remember that it was ME there? Was that really your BEST that you gave to Me there? Did you make a sacrifice for Me there, or was that something else? Oh, a day will come when some of you will realize that all the days of your life I was near to you in the person of the afflicted and the deeply hurting of the world, but because you did not seek Me there, you also did not SEE Me there. A day will come when many of you will know that I gave you an opportunity to KNOW ME through the sacrificial giving out of yourself to others in need, but because you would not enter into fellowship with Me THERE, you will hear “I don’t really KNOW you,” rather than hearing, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”