Prevailing Prayer

Beloved, prayer is to be a cooperative synergistic affair between us and our Father, in that we are to move in prayer with EXPECTATION according to the witness of the Spirit, and our Father then moves in bringing what we have prayed to pass. This (prayer) move of ours IS AN ACT OF FAITH, a work, and is not based upon our “hope” for something, but rather, is based upon an UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE that we are bearing witness to the will of God, and that our Father will surely bring to pass that which we are praying for.

The fallen nature is governed by the natural senses and is continually made subject to first heaven LIES, beloved, but PREVAILING PRAYER IS GOVERNED BY FAITH WHICH IS FUELED BY THE EXPRESSION OF THE FATHER HIMSELF (the Word). This Word cannot lie. In this way prayer IS TO BE NOTHING LESS THAN A WITNESS TO AND AN EXPECTATION OF GOD DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE HAS PROMISED TO DO.

The gist of this is that BELIEVING that our Father has heard our prayer before the blessing of His response is manifested IS THE GOOD SOIL in which THE IMPERISHABLE SEED (His Word – His Expression) grows and bears fruit. I’m saying here that KNOWING that our prayer is heard on High IS what GETS THE SEED INTO THE GROUND, and there it goes to work. This is about APPROPRIATING WHAT IS ALREADY OURS through prayer, beloved. It is about TAKING NOW (by faith) what God our Father offers to us NOW, this in contrast to hoping and praying for some blessing to possibly manifest sometime in the future.