Present Truth

I know that the word of late is difficult for some people. I can’t apologize for it, for it is what I’m being given to share. Please know that I don’t write about things that I’ve just heard in a classroom or have simply seen somewhere with a natural eye, but I write about things that are being carved upon my heart by the Holy Spirit – I write out from my intimate (and sometimes even very painful) times with the Lord.

In a large part, beloved, it seems that what I’m being given to share with you is “present truth,” not anything new really, but surely things that are quite different from what is being taught in most pulpits today. I see this as a way that our Father is restoring truth to (at least) a remnant of His Church today, in some way it even working to rebuild the true Altar of the Evening Sacrifice upon which the glory of God shall fall.

Beloved, our inheritance in the Kingdom of God is not based upon our belief systems so much as it is dependent upon us coming into a place of intimacy with the Father and a walk of obedience to His will. Please, keep this is mind as you read the things that I share. These things are shared with love and with the hope that they will help you to become more intimate with the Father, so intimate even that you become a “son of His right hand,” a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the Master’s use, thoroughly prepared (by Him) unto every good Kingdom work.