Preaching the Kingdom Gospel

Beloved, Jesus said that the Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached in all the earth, and then the end (of the age) will come. What is this Kingdom Gospel? Is it about the ministry of reconciliation and the restitution of all things? Yes, it is, but not only that. The preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom is about WITNESSES who demonstrate to others that they walk with God. The preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom is about a TESTIMONY to all nations of the power and the glory of God flowing through men! In America we have churches, churches, and more churches, and we have all sorts of religious preaching and evangelism, but a testimony? Not much of that. A testimony of Christ is something that someone has seen, or has heard or has handled of Christ, beloved. It has nothing to do with hearsay – something that somebody has told you or has taught you in a Bible study. It is A FIRSTHAND ACCOUNT of your EXPERIENCE with God, a testifying to the ways of God which you HAVE WALKED AND DO WALK, and a testifying to the eternal purposes of God in Christ with which you ARE FAMILIAR because they have been taught to you experientially BY THE SPIRIT. This is not about regurgitating the things that you learned in Sunday school, dear friends. It is about a word that is accompanied with signs and miracles, about a testimony of the Kingdom of God come not in word but in POWER. This is what must be preached in all the earth before the church-age comes to a full end.