Beloved, it appears that at the dawn of the Creation the Sons of God came out from God Himself as spirit, and then were lowered into the soulish realm of Adam. It also appears that these Sons shall all RETURN to their former Estate, not in the first Adam, but in and through the Last Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The first Adam had the power to take ALL with him into death, but the last Adam, Jesus Christ, the Lord from heaven, has the power to gather BACK INTO HIMSELF all that Adam lost. This is saying that Christ’s redemptive work shall eventually bring every man who came out from God back into God. I’ll also venture to say here that this is not done by replacing the spirit that was breathed into the adamic man with another Spirit, but rather, this is done by INFUSING man’s spirit with LIFE. Man MUST be “begotten from above,” beloved, for there is NO OTHER WAY for him to ascend back to the Father.

In thinking of this infusion of spirit with Spirit, I cannot help but think here of the Ark of the Covenant, as it gives us a perfect picture of the NEW CREATION MAN that God is bringing forth. The Ark of the Covenant was constructed of WOOD that was OVERLAID WITH GOLD. Wood is a symbol of humanity in scripture, as gold is representative of Deity. From this, we should be able to see that God does not intend to replace humanness with deity, but rather, He intends to OVERLAY man’s humanity with the divine nature of Christ. Another way to look at this is that we are being spiritually clothed in Christ Jesus. This too, beloved (this analogy), might help some of us to see how spirits not yet infused with the life of Christ are considered as “naked” in the spirit realm. (2 Corinthians 5:4)

To sum this up here as simply as I can, I’m sharing here that once man’s spirit is infused with Christ’s Spirit then an ascension begins which is really just a RETURN to what was had even before time. Is this saying that man somehow “pre-existed” before creation? Well, sort of. What I’m sharing here is that in our future (from the perspective of time and space) we will come back into an immortal and an eternal Estate that has always been ours in Christ. This, in a sense, is saying that in the future we will all pre-exist.

That’s something to think about, huh?

Now, I’m not saying here that our final state of BE-ing is as spirit without form. No, I’m saying here that Life is brought forth on and through our spirits, and that this Life will then eventually overflow into our souls and our bodies too. Our WHOLE MAN will then be fully sanctified, ready to meet with the Lord of Glory in the FULLNESS of His Resurrection.

Bless you all.

********************* Addendum *********************

A brother has encouraged me to clarify for you that our mutual belief is that Genesis 1:26-27 is a distinctly different event from Genesis 2:7, one being the making of spirit-man (corporate), and the other being the formation of earthy (adamic) man from the dust of the ground.

This brother has shared with me in the past that quite a few Hebrew scholars insist that the word “man” as it is used in Genesis 1:26, 27 is not referring to human beings (after the likeness of Adam) but to spirits. These scholars also believe that it is these spirits who were given “dominion” over the earth, not humans. That is certainly something to consider.

As far as I understand it, all human beings are spirits that have been lowered into the adamic experience, all alienated from true Spirit-connection until connection with Father is re-established in Christ. There are some who believe that this “lowering” into adamism (my word) is by choice. That too is certainly something for our consideration …