Practicing Discernment

Beloved, the role of the ego is to build fortress walls that are impenetrable to anything that can expand consciousness or which requires an expansion in consciousness to understand, and in this way it acts much like a computer that mindlessly carries out its programming and which takes people further and further into their dogma and their other black-and-white thinking.

The ego was born out of a relative definition of “truth,” and thus it cannot see any need to discern between what is God’s reality and what is lower world (“tree of knowledge”) unrealities, it only sees a need to discern what is “right and wrong” according to the belief system that it currently accepts as infallible.

It is not possible to make true spiritual progress though unless we are willing to discern between what is real and unreal, meaning; to discern between the things that are of the Spirit and that which comes from (or through) the mind of the fallen creature – the latter of these giving people perfect excuses for not making an effort to be discerning. And this brings me to another point…

Many Christian people today are afraid to practice true discernment, them having been (en)trained to fear that if they step outside of church-approved circles they will somehow tune-in to low energies and dark spirits who will entice them and drag them into deception and delusion. Really? But how will these people ever learn to walk in true spiritual discernment unless they practice it? And that leads me to the next point…

Being daring enough to look at new teachings (with a childlike heart) is a big part of practicing discernment, and there are many people who get themselves stuck over this, them feeling much safer putting their trust in their analytical minds and in their church’s approved doctrines to make rights judgments for them rather than them learning to listen for the voice of the Spirit themselves. I often come across people who are offended by what I teach, some of them offended to the extent that they think that I’m “of the devil.” The nature of this terrible offense, apparently, is that I share things that don’t agree with their church’s “interpretation” of the scriptures. Does that remind you of anything? To these people I just have to say that such a mindset and way of making judgments didn’t work out very well for the scribes and Pharisees 2000 years ago and it surely won’t work out well for them either, unfortunately.

As far as I see it, Beloved, the mindsets (and the spirits) that are behind religious fundamentalism and religious literalism are precisely the fallen mindsets (and spirits) that seek to impose man-made “interpretations” on pretty much everything while being firmly convinced that those interpretations are true and thus the Spirit must somehow conform. The only true way to “interpret” the scriptures though is to FREE ONE’S MIND from all preconceived conditions and to then ask the Holy Spirit to give a higher vision and understanding. It’s no wonder that the Spirit implied 7 times in Revelation chapters 2  and 3 that finding people with an ear to hear the voice of the Spirit would become a rather difficult thing to do. Really, nearly 1/3 of the earth’s population today claims to be “of Christ” (Christian) and yet it’s hard to find someone who can actually hear the voice of the Spirit? Go figure that one out.

Anyway, I have to say that anyone who has grown up in an environment of fundamentalism, literalism or traditionalism will do well to realize that they cannot be steeped in those things for long without being powerfully affected by the spirits behind those things. I also think that it is wise for these people to make A DETERMINED EFFORT to rise above the mindsets and the vibration of those spirits by exploring (with childlike hearts) new teachings and new ideas and by practicing true spiritual discernment as they mediate upon these “new” things.

That all said, I’ll admit that in the current conditions that are found on earth today, rightly discerning is not an easy task. Consider though that we are not required to be perfect in this, that now (in this time of great transition) we just need to be practicing our ability to discern. It is truly a matter of “practice makes perfect,” and, in order to practice correctly, all we really need is to be willing to see that we’ve been wrong about some things, have a childlike/trusting heart and have a willingness to explore new things WITHOUT FEAR.

Beloveds, whatever measure of discernment that you have now, use it! – multiply it! – multiply your talents! – for those who are not using and multiplying their talents will stay where they are until they decide to raise their consciousness through experimentation with their discernment and their co-creativity. What does it mean to experiment with co-creativity? It means to engage in using one’s God-given creativity which is spontaneous and therefore cannot be predefined by the natural mind. Maybe I’ll share more about that later. For now though, I’m going to close this letter by saying that without true discernment there cannot be a break-through into FULLNESS OF LIFE in the realities of the kingdom of God, and so, we need to practice listening for the voice of the Spirit in all that we do – literally, in everything that we do.