Pouring Ourselves Out?

This is a touchy subject, I know, but it is the leading of the Spirit for me to share on this this morning. — D

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As many of you know, I share quite a bit about the importance of “sacrificial giving,” even the POURING OUT of ourselves for one another so that the body of Christ can be knit together and built up in love to the proper working of every part. This is because I know that when parts of the body are neglected in areas where they need and deserve our support (the “5-fold ministry” especially comes to mind here) then the body of Christ as a whole suffers.

Beloved, I feel to touch on this rather touchy subject today, even as the apostle Paul touched on it with the Corinthian believers in his day, and this is probably because most Christians today are severely “out of balance” when their self-investments are compared to their support of God’s Kingdom work.

Paul exhorted the Corinthian believers in his day to give “with eagerness and joy” according to WHAT THEY HAD, not according to what they did not have. I feel to do the same with believers today. In other words, Paul taught that those rich in spiritual things were to POUR THEMSELVES OUT for the benefit of others so that others might find relief from their spiritual poverty. To others who were blessed in material things, Paul taught that they also were to POUR THEMSELVES OUT for others so that their surplus could be used to supply the physical and financial needs of others. Paul wrote that in this way there can be “equality” among the body of Christ, and a balanced “richness” that can be experienced by ALL as ALL do their part.

But, beloved, as far as living as sacrifices for others goes, it should not be hard to see that most all of us are not doing our part, and the whole body is suffering because of it. The sad fact of the matter is that very few Christians today are actually living as sacrifices for others, being “POURED OUT” being a rarity in the body of Christ today when it should be THE NORM. The truth is that most Christians today are kidding themselves in thinking that they are living the “Christian” life. The truth is that most of us may be living the “Laodicean” Christian life, but we surely are not living the lives of true disciples of Jesus Christ.

I’m sorry to have to be so blunt here. This is the leading though…

Anyway, my prayer for US ALL, beloved, is that God forgive us for building our earthly kingdoms while His house in the earth has suffered in ruin and neglect because of our self-centered and greedy lifestyles. MAY OUR FATHER’S KINGDOM COME now, this even to the utter ruin of our own.