Pleasing To Papa

I feel to mention just briefly here something about SPIRIT DIRECTED and SPIRIT EMPOWERED works, those things that accompany us along the path that leads to the full salvation of our souls…

We all should know that we can’t add anything to the work that was accomplished for us at Calvary, but as Christ’s disciples we also should know that good works will be made manifest in our lives when there is a good measure of Christ’s life formed in our hearts. This is because good works are evidence of God’s life at work in us.

I can’t help but think here of what James wrote when he said that if we have faith but we have not works then our faith is DEAD. This disciple did more than imply with this that the evidence of LIVING FAITH in us is the manifestation of godly works through us.

Now, of course, these “works” cannot be “worked up” by us, they just happen. What I mean by this is that the works of God done through us are evidence that Christ’s life is at work in us.

Now, I know that some people get condemned because they feel that they’re just not doing enough “for God.” I think that these should probably spend less time worrying about what they are or are not doing for God and should just spend more time in deep fellowship and communion with Him. It seems to me, that most everything of God’s Kingdom (which is within us) is birthed out of our relationship with the Father. This includes good works, beloved.

Really, the only works that are truly “good” are God’s, are they not?

This is why I haven’t written in a while. I try to share only what is given for me to share by Holy Spirit unction. Anything other than that is, well, not good (from God’s perspective), and I wanna be a good boy -pleasing to Papa.

Bless you.