Perfecting Holiness in the Fear of God

Great grace is being poured out so that some of the saints might now know the fear of God as never before, and this, so that holiness might be made perfect in them. Holiness fits us for communion with God, and because of God’s desire to bring many of us into a higher level of communion with Him now, holiness IN US must be made perfect (mature).

Dear ones; holiness is made perfect in us as we come to know Him Who is Holy. This is a process analogous to pressing on towards (and then into) a fiery furnace in which no flesh can survive. This can be a terrible process. The Apostle Paul said, “Knowing the terror of God I persuade men…” Paul knew intimately the walk that leads a man into God Himself, something that caused him to quake with a holy fear and reverent awe for the Holy One, something that allowed for him to partake more and more fully of the Fountain of Life.

Beloved friends in Christ, our ability to approach Him Who is a Holy Consuming Fire is directly proportional to the measure that we have become ONE with God’s nature. What I mean by this is that as we press on into the Fire of God’s holiness (or at times even just stand in it; not retreating from it as it consumes our flesh — our fallen nature) we become LIKE the Fire that has consumed the portions of our old nature.

As I have said, this can be a “terrible” process, but in becoming like the Fire we are drawn deeper and deeper into God Himself, and this because by becoming more and more like Him we are able to have greater and greater communion with Him. Likeness is the ground for our communion with God, and ultimate communion with Him comes not by way of union of presence but by union of NATURE. Unfortunately, many Christians today love the presence of God but very few are actually willing to embrace the “terrible” process by which they can come fully into His presence.

Dear ones, I pray that God the Father might grant us the desire to attain to all that He desires for us. I also pray that He might give us the grace that we’ll need to endure all of the trials and suffering required to see those desires fulfilled. The truth is, folks, that the world is not going to be delivered from its bondage to sin and death by Christian “nice guys” BUT BY SONS; those perfected in the holiness of God; those who become an integral part of the Holy Consuming Fire that God is.