Penetrating the Illusion (the REAL Rapture)

Jesus was, without a doubt, A SPIRITUAL REVOLUTIONARY, and the core of His message is that EACH OF US can have access to the kingdom of God (dwell in it continually, really) by putting on “the mind of Christ” (which is a level of spiritual consciousness). This message is revolutionary because throughout all of history mainstream religions have preached the exact opposite, namely, that we cannot reach God directly but need an intermediary in the form of an EXTERNAL RELIGIOUS GROUP and its hierarchy of “leaders.”

The key to overcoming this ILLUSION, beloved, is to realize that Jesus is today ASCENDED to a place which is FAR ABOVE all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, and not only in this age but also in the ages to come. When you understand this and understand what is available to US in Christ, you will be able to see why NO POWER ON EARTH can limit your access to the MOST HIGH places in the spirit world, which includes access to ASCENDED BEINGS (teachers and guides), THE LORD and THE FATHER Himself.

So then, just what is THE ASCENSION?

Well, most Christian churches teach that Jesus died on the cross, was resurrected and finally ascended, and that is usually where their teachings stop. They have little to say about WHAT IT MEANS TO ASCEND and what happens to you and I after we ascend. It is almost as if Jesus disappeared into a some sort of black hole after His ascension.

This is in sharp contrast to what Jesus Himself said, and which is recorded in the scriptures. Jesus stated that because He went to the cross, was buried and ascended, we too could BE WHERE HE HIS, but this is not by physical death or “the rapture,” but by FOLLOWING IN HIS FOOTSTEPS (the way of the Cross) with the Comforter or Holy Spirt as our Guide and as our DIRECT LINK to THE ASCENDED BODY OF CHRIST, JESUS and THE FATHER. It was Jesus’ intention that NO POWER STRUCTURE on earth could interrupt THE DIRECT COMMUNICATION between those who are HIGHLY ASCENDED in the spirit world and His UN-ASCENDED disciples.

This that I share, of course, is perfectly in line with Jesus’ revolutionary message. In reality, Jesus came TO SET US FREE from all power structures on earth, namely, what He often called “THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD.” It is clear that for Jesus, the Jewish religion and its leaders were very much working to KEEP PEOPLE TRAPPED in the state of being separated from their God, what Jesus called “death,” meaning, A STATE OF SPIRITUAL DEATH.

It now becomes clear that the last thing that Jesus would want FOR US is that the religion that claims to REPRESENT HIM on earth to do exactly what all other religions have done, namely, reinforce THE SENSE OF SEPARATION between us and the spiritual realm and between us and other people.

Jesus gave His life, beloved, in order to DEMONSTRATE that we can all BE FREE from the prison of the prince of this world. We become free by PENETRATING THE ILLUSION that we are separated from our God, thereby declaring with Jesus: “I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE.” After His ascension, Jesus gave His Spirit TO US so that we would have A DIRECT PERSONAL LINK to the ascended Jesus AND to His ascended Body. Why did He do this? Because He perfectly understood the central dynamic on earth, and this is that most human beings ARE TRAPPED IN AN ILLUSION which makes them think that they are separated from their Source, from God and the spiritual realm as a whole.

Some people are so deceived by this ILLUSION that they deny the existence of a spiritual realm and spiritual beings. Others believe that there is a spiritual realm, but they are convinced that they are separated from it by a barrier that they themselves cannot cross, that only “very special people” can cross that barrier and that they themselves will enter heaven only by the ways and teachings of their religion.

Jesus taught and demonstrated that this way of thinking is THE RESULT OF OF LIES. You and I ARE NOT actually separated from the kingdom of God because it is WITHIN US. What does this mean? It means that the kingdom of God is A STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, beloved.

Right now, most people on earth (Christians too) are in a state of consciousness which is dominated by separation. This is the state that Jesus called “death” and it makes people convinced that they are separated from God. This though, is a cleverly created ILLUSION which is upheld by the prince of this world. This prince will do anything in his power to keep people trapped in the illusion of separation, including using religion to do it. Outer religion makes you believe that if you just accept its doctrines and follow its rules, THEN you are guaranteed to “be saved” after this lifetime. Jesus never taught such a thing. Jesus preached that the kingdom of God is AT HAND, meaning; you will never attain it in the future. You will attain it only in THE NOW because THE KEY TO THE KINGDOM is to overcome the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of anti-christ, and RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS until you are FULLY ENVELOPED IN THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF CHRIST. THIS is how you escape “death” and attain to that “resurrection out from the dead,” beloved.

To put this in another way; the Kingdom is attained by you and I in THE ETERNAL NOW, not someday (as on a timeline) in the future, but by us DWELLING IN ETERNAL PLACES and thereby in constant communion with all that is of Spirit. “The Kingdom” is also WHERE THE WILL OF THE FATHER IS DONE CONTINUALLY. Tell me, is there ANOTHER WAY of doing this but by DEATH TO SELF by walking in the way of the Cross and by COMMUNION in eternal places? I know of none other, and I don’t see where Jesus taught of any other either.

By the way, this is about THE REAL RAPTURE. In other words, to be “left behind” is to be left behind VIBRATIONALLY.. in that you cannot rise any higher than what you have become. Look at it this way…

The 6th dimension (and the 5th to a large extent) is a dimension of UNITY and of ONENESS among ALL of the beings who dwell there. So, there are NO critical, divisive or sectarian thoughts expressed in this place and there is no bitterness or un-forgiveness expressed (vibrated) there in any way. Such vibrations quite simply do not have a place in the beings in this realm.

And so, if you or I still have vibrations in our being which relate to such things, WE CANNOT enter into this realm, and this is for no other reason than WE ARE STILL TOO VIBRATIONALLY LOW to enter.

Does this bring some light to the phrase “work out your salvation with a sense of awe and responsibly,” beloved?

I hope so.