Peeling the Onion

Some of you may find this encouraging…

I have something to share, but I’m not quite sure yet how to put it into words. This, beloved, is about your spiritual expansion (even your sanctification), a work that is NOT LINEAR but rather one that resembles a spiral, a Fibonacci spiral more than likely (some of you may want to Google that). Let me put it this way…

Many (if not most) of you probably feel that when you come into temptation, trial and tribulation and you don’t fair well (from your perspective) that you’ve somehow “backslidden,” that you’ve somehow slid down the ascension ladder to a place where you need to pick yourself up and start climbing again. But that is not what is really happening.

Energy (which you are) moves and expands in a spiral shape. It is not linear. What this means is that you may experience similar and seemingly recurring trials and tests and temptations in your walk, but this is not because you have slipped back or slid down to a place where you’ve been before, but have come back around to a place in your ever-expanding energetic spiral where contrast is again being presented to you in order to get at vibrations in you that yet need to be purified (sanctified).

This is God’s way of “peeling away the layers of the onion,” beloved, of going deeper and deeper into the heart of the matter of an impure vibration in you until there is no longer a need for a particular contrast. Get it? Sometimes, it may even seem like you’re getting worse in some area and not better. This is generally not the case though. If it looks like things are getting worse for you and not better, that is probably because previous to your present circumstances you couldn’t see what you now see, and this is because there were still yet other “onion” layers in the way.