Partaking of the Body and Blood

You have heard that unless you partake of the body and blood of Christ, you have no life in you. The true spiritual meaning of this is that as long as you refuse to walk THE INNER WAY of death and ascension unto Christ, you will remain in a state of separated-ness from your God, will remain separated from your I AM Presence – bound in duality-consciousness and will continue to deny your Christ within.

Beloved, there are billions of people on this planet today who go around thinking that they are alive but who are spiritually dead, and this is because they deny the very Christ within themselves. Many of these people think that they are followers of Christ and therefore they call themselves “Christians,” but in truth, these people are followers of doctrine and of religious creeds and traditions, they are followers of wolves in sheep’s clothing even and of those who are like whitened sepulchers full of dead men’s bones. Frankly, I’m pretty convinced that many Christian “leaders” today are the reembodied scribes and Pharisees of yesterday – the ones who 2000 years ago DENIED CHRIST, and who are doing it AGAIN, but this time in less obvious but even more deceptive ways.

To these religious men the words of Christ are as they were 2000 years ago – “Woe unto ye lawyers, for ye have taken away the key of knowledge!” And what this means is that the knowledge of THE INNER PATH OF CHRIST is being STOLEN from people who blindly follow an OUTER organization or an OUTER doctrine or even an OUTER leader. There is only one true path which leads to your inner oneness with God and to your unity and love for all that is, Beloved, but people have been (and are being) offered another path and they have chosen (and are choosing) to walk it, and because of this the key of knowledge has been (and is being) taken from them.

The inner path of LIGHT, the inner path of PARTAKING OF THE BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST is that which leads you to your true identity in Christ. There is no other way to the kingdom of heaven but by walking in THE WAY and the THE TRUTH and THE LIFE which Jesus demonstrated perfectly. Jesus never intended for us to worship the outer person of Jesus, nor did he ever intend for us to follow outer organizations and doctrines which do this either. Jesus’ intention and his desire for us all is that we come to KNOW CHRIST in our inner man, even know the true UNIVERSAL CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS by which the Father’s glory shall eventually be expressed in absolutely everyone and everything that is.


So why so much focus and attention on the deception of Christianity? Because THAT (even more than some other religions) is stealing away the key of knowledge of CHRIST WITHIN by having people focus continually on Christian traditions, doctrines and beliefs as the way to their salvation, rather than teaching them HOW TO ACTUALLY WALK THE INNER PATH which leads to the fullness of LIFE.

Traditional Christianity teaches people that “Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life,” but it does this in a way which STEALS AWAY the key which opens up the truth of this phrase, and this truth is that THE WAY to the fullness of life was METAPHORICALLY DEMONSTRATED for us in the life of Jesus.

There are scripture verses which say that “in that day” when others (even professing New Agers, Hindus and Buddhists perhaps? – those who have found THE INNER PATH to Christ and have in this way DONE the will of the Father) fully enter into the Kingdom, that there will be “Christians” who will say, “But, Lord! Did WE not do all these wonderful things IN YOUR NAME?” And the Lord will say to these people, “Depart from me for you have not yet tread THE PATH which leads fully into Christ.” The scriptures then say that these people/spirits will depart to where there is “weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.” This is not “hell,” but the lower sub planes of the 4th dimension, which is where these people/spirits FIT VIBRATIONALLY because they walked only in the outer ways of man and religion.

Most Christians today want to believe that they are “saved” because they believe the right doctrine, even read the right Bible translation, when all along God hasn’t been looking at doctrine but FOR HEARTS in which He can bring forth THE CHRIST. Does someone’s religious persuasion have anything to do with this? No, not as long as the religious B.S. of that religion doesn’t keep them from finding THE INNER (and only) WAY which leads into the fullness of what Christ is.