Overcoming Evil With Good

This is a testimony from NYC, written a number of years ago, but surely applicable (for us all) NOW…

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

When in Queens last weekend and while riding on an elevator at NYSUM, I was asked by a young bible student what we were doing in NYC.

My response to this young fellow was, “Why, we’re here warring on the devil!”

To this I got a rather wide-eyed look, so I elaborated with this …

“The Father draws us by His Spirit into the lives and situations of people who have a genuine need for help. We then simply help them as we are led by the Holy Spirit to do so. I simply see this as overcoming evil with good. When we show lost, hurting, and needy people the unconditional love and compassion and provision of Christ, we ‘put a hurtin’ on the devil by throwing a wrench into his works of robbing, killing, and destroying people’s hope. By the love of Christ being expressed where Satan thought only misery, hurt, despair, and even death would come, evil is overcome by good, and LIFE comes forth from death. God really does work all things to the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. If more Christians who are CALLED according to God’s purpose would just REACH OUT THEIR HANDS to those who need a touch from God, then they too would see how evil IS overcome by good, and how life REALLY DOES come forth from even the very worst of situations.”

To this I then got a tiny “Amen,” along with the same “wide-eyed look” as before.

Let me just add to this that the power of God flows only through crucified hands and a pierced heart … not only Jesus’ but ours. This is why we too must go to the Cross — to get the heart and the hands through which the love of God and the power of God can flow.