Outer Darkness

It seems that many Christians today feel that they can do whatever they want, and go wherever they want, that they can live essentially for themselves, knowing that they are “God’s workmanship” and that “God will finish what He started,” Him eventually bringing them unto perfection. I believe that this kind of mindset is a product of great misunderstanding though, in that this mindset seems to focus upon the end result of salvation BUT MISSES THE MEANS TO THE END. Sure, our Father will probably bring all Christians unto perfection (maturity) eventually, some of them by way of their willingness to fellowship in Christ’s sufferings and in this way them learning to yield to His will now, and others brought by way of A RATHER UNCOMFORTABLE PLACE (position) in “the afterlife.”

With regard to this, I have heard it said that there is no hell whose flames (difficult dealings) are not fueled by self-will. If this is true (and I think it is), might it be that there is a portion of the hellish realms (for lack of a better way to put it) allotted to self-willed and self-serving Christians? I suspect that there is. I think that if you do a study into what Jesus said about “outer darkness” you too will find that He was always referring to “believers” going there, not unbelievers,”outer darkness” describing a place “outside of the Kingdom” which (as far as I understand it) are the spirit realms OUTSIDE OF (below) Paradise, New Jerusalem, and Mt. Zion.

Anyway, I know that many people don’t like hearing this kind of stuff, but TIME IS SHORT, and because of this WE ARE BEING GIVEN WHAT WE NEED TO HEAR, not what we want to hear.