Out From The Dead

Beloved ones, God is now preparing a remnant for the resurrection OUT FROM the dead. As far as I understand it, this remnant is made up of believers who are alive on the earth now and those who have gone on to the other side of the veil through physical death. These are the children of the resurrection, and are those who are now putting on their celestial bodies through their INWARD transformation to the utmost of maturity and perfection in Christ. It seems that full redemption in Christ will FIRST be wrought out in this company to the end that no flaw will even be able to be found in them. These will then be placed permanently as living stones in that which constitutes the divine building known as THE NEW JERUSALEM.

What I am describing to you, beloved, is the advent of the “blessed and holy” first resurrection, that which must be “attained to” by us in the laying down of our lives as genuine sacrifices unto God. The saints who do this will be raised to the standard of purity and perfection in Christ, and they will also be the first to put on the fullness of the celestial bodies which many of us are even now “working” towards. Let me explain …

As I understand it, the celestial bodies cannot be seen with the natural eye, but are spiritual bodies made for the heavens, and they are being formed for us as we work out our salvation “with fear and trembling” before the Lord. These “bodies” are those “linen garments,” which are needed in order for us to minister as Sons of God from the realm of the spirit, and is that which even Jesus manifested to Peter, James, and John on the Mount of Transfiguration.

Now, it seems to me that the first resurrection is INWARD and is SPIRITUAL before there can be any outward manifestation of it. As far as I understand it, this is a resurrection OUT FROM ALL ADAMIC DEATH, and is a place wherein an individual is no longer under the sway of the beastly kingdom of man by any degree. It is in these saints of the first resurrection that Christ will fully put down all rule, authority and power of the adamic self-life first, AND THEN these blessed ones will be clothed upon with the fullness of the celestial body!

Dear folks, God WILL soon have a people who will wholly follow after Him in utterness. He WILL have a people who will trust Him wholeheartedly, and these will thereby come forth in the strength and the power of CHRIST’S RESURRECTED LIFE, not clothed for the great Feast of Tabernacles in some strange apparel, but rather, they will be CLOTHED WITH POWER FROM ON HIGH IN THE BODY OF THE FIRST RESURRECTION! Now I’m not one to usually say “Oh, glory!” but … OH, GLORY!!!

Friends, do you groan as I do to be clothed with this house from heaven which I am describing to you here? Do you? Do you long for the SONS OF GOD to rise OUT FROM amongst the dead so that the creation can finally be set free from its bondage to sin and death? Beloved ones, are you purposed now in heart to come under Christ’s discipline in such a way that you might die out fully to the body of sin, and this so that you can FULLY PUT ON THE GLORIOUS BODY OF THE RESURRECTION?

If you can say “YES” to these things, then you might just be a part of that blessed and holy company that will “attain to” (Phil 3:11) the first resurrection OUT FROM the dead! This is VERY much different from the resurrection OF the dead, by the way. Please, ask the Lord about all of this. The first resurrection is a VERY COSTLY one. Yeah. It will cost you EVERYTHING. IT WILL COST YOU YOUR LIFE! Not so with the general resurrection.