Our Co-operation

Beloved, I feel moved to say just briefly here that all of our spiritual instruction is utterly worthless if by it we are not moved to know the misery and the corruption of our own fallen nature, and know that it is only by fellowship with Christ IN HIS CROSS that we can be delivered from that beastly thing. I see and hear many “words” from others these days about the strange and difficult and turbulent times that are ahead for us and about our need to prepare for these trying times, but I see and hear little to almost nothing these days about how IMPERATIVE it is for us to now PRESS FOR THE BLESSED AND HOLY MARK OF KNOWING GOD THROUGH FELLOWSHIP IN CHRIST’S SUFFERINGS BEING CONFORMED TO HIS DEATH. That, beloved, (the way of our co-operative suffering with God unto the full and complete emptying of ourselves) IS THE WAY (the only way) for us to be prepared for absolutely anything and everything. With regard to the word “co-operative,” let me just say that Love carries faithful people to places of suffering because suffering offers many blessings IF it is not rejected but rather WALKED THROUGH obediently as led by the Holy Spirit. Many people in the world today are suffering, beloved, but VERY FEW are doing this in the way that leads to the fullness of their salvation.