One of a Multitude of Ways

As you read this, keep in mind that what you focus on will be what you become aware (or conscious) of …

With regard to time, I propose to you that the mechanical timekeeping of today and the calendar of today (which are set standards for the whole planet) are instruments of control, in that they serve to keep most people “detuned” and locked into a 3-dimensional materialistic “rat race” instead of them living with time as a SPIRITUAL TOOL and as a continuum of the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions (I may share more about this later).

Time is subjective, beloved, in that our experience with it is based upon our perspective of it, and that our relationship with it is SUPPOSED TO CHANGE as we mature and grow in Christ. This also means that by RETURNING TO NATURAL (GOD-ORDAINED) RHYTHMS AND CYCLES we can get FREE from materialistic greed and from the modern mechanized-life processes to instead walk IN HARMONY with God in a garden again (within His Creation).

Along these lines; before the Gregorian Calendar was imposed on everyone, many civilizations had their own calendars, which were not just for determining what day it is according to the earth’s PHYSICAL rotation around the sun, but they also took many other things into consideration, which included other cycles and rhythms of the earth and the cosmos, as well as rhythms and cycles which relate to MAN’S EVOLUTION IN CONSCIOUSNESS AND SPIRITUALITY.

In other words, what the Gregorian Calendar has essentially done is pin our modern civilization’s focus (and thereby man’s consciousness and awareness) TO PHYSICAL EVENTS ONLY, and in this way it has served as a rather insidious tool of “the powers that be” to erode man’s awareness to things WHICH ARE NOT PHYSICAL. The modern calendar is a calendar of COMMERCE, beloved. It is a calendar of BUYING AND SELLING and of extremely low vibration living.

Have you not noticed that the “holidays” (supposed to be “holy-days”) of today are not very spiritual, but rather are almost entirely about A WHOLE LOT OF STUFF BEING SOLD TO A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE? Compare this to even Israel’s feast days of old and you might get a glimpse into how far we have fallen, of how even through the calendar of today we have been PROGRAMMED to engage in a constant procession of marketing and buying frenzies and have lost our focus ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS. This is all by (a rather sinister) design.

Now, I’m not saying here that calendars from other (more spiritual) civilizations were not physical. They were. BUT THEY ALSO HAD A SPIRITUAL ASPECT TO THEM, and for this reason, they have been entirely done away with.

Of course, this that I write about today is just another ONE OF A MULTITUDE of ways in which men have been spiritually stupefied; dumbed-down to live a low vibration existence and thereby be easily manipulated and controlled. Hopefully, 2014 will be a year for many people to WAKE UP and break free from this.

So be it, Lord.