On Thought Responsiveness

It dawned on me this morning that our world is becoming much more thought responsive, and this is all part of a greater merging of the 3d and 4d worlds. The Spirit has been confirming this (or teaching me about this) in many ways lately.

Along these lines, I shared this with someone last night…

“Learn to EMPHASIZE what makes you feel good (connected with God and grounded in peace) and DE-EMPHASIZE what brings you down. In other words; don’t focus your thoughts on negative things (the things you don’t want) for you’ll give energy to those very things and perpetuate (what seem to be) your problems.”

There is a constant interplay between thought and non-physical energy in ALL realms, beloved, so even if our experience or environment seems not immediately effected by our thoughts, our thoughts ARE putting forth energy into the energetic matrix (or substructure) from which the “crust” manifestations of this realm are formed. In other words, WE are largely responsible for creating our experiences. Let me give you a (rather cute) example of how this works….

With my foot now steadily improving (it also responding to my thoughts), I’ve been on somewhat of a quest over the past few days to find some really comfortable shoes. I’ve been thinking of shoes A LOT lately – lots of thought energy given to this. I haven’t found anything worthy of investing in just yet, but when I was on my way home from a shoe store I decided (I was led, really) to stop at an Irish pub for a beer. I sat down at the bar, orderer a Guinness and I struck up a conversation with the couple seated next to me. The man just happened to be a wholesale shoe salesman. My thoughts were, “But, of course.”

There happened to be some Kingdom work done in this place – this couple clearly ready to hear some things which are not exactly common-speak in Irish pubs, but that’s not so much the point here as is the message of how WE draw spirit beings AND EXPERIENCES to ourselves by way of the resonance of our hearts.