On Parallel, Alternate, and Even Higher Worlds

This is what I received in my meditation times this morning. Some of you are probably going to have to put this one on “the shelf” for a while until you are ready for (God-given) understanding of it. I was only going to send this to Brad, but I later felt pricked in my heart to share it openly with my e-mail list, and I suspect that this is because some of you ARE ready to ponder/consider such things.

OK, B. So I’m up really early this morning and having some tea, and I’m pondering the possibility (more a probability) of us having multiple realities, i.e., a physical 3d expression as well as PARALLEL and ALTERNATE expressions of reality in 4d while also having EVEN HIGHER multidimensional expressions.

Consider this…

Might it be that we are growing SIMULTANEOUSLY on many levels of expression, that there are expressions of us in 4d which resonate at the same frequency of our expression in 3d (parallel expressions), and there are ALSO different expressions of us in 4d which resonate at a slightly different frequency than us in 3d (alternate expressions), and then there are ALSO expressions of us which resonate at a much higher frequency than that of the 3d and 4d bandwidth? I’ve been mediating on this, and because some clarity about this is now coming to me in spirit, I suspect that this is so.

Let’s consider that a parallel reality or expression might be created for us in 4d every time that we make an important decision – at that “crossroads” in life, so to speak. I regularly get a glimpse of 4d expressions of myself when I am asleep but out of body and aware in spirit, and quite often I’m still involved in the business that I gave up 12 years ago or involved with a girlfriend who I broke up with 30 years ago. Might this be parallel 4d realities that have been created for the purpose of my expansion but ones that I’m not aware of at my primary 3d point of perception, but which I TAP INTO when I’m asleep and “out of body”? I suspect that it just might be, that somehow, our multidimensional spirits have taken the long trip down from Source into the world of form and they want to experience every possible option for every experience that we have here, and this is largely played out on the 3d and 4d fields through parallel and alternate realities. Then, as our consciousness returns to the innate multidimensional thinking of our 5th dimensional self, we are able to COMPUTE both our base-line 3d realities and all the parallel and alternate 4d realities which SHOOT OUT from our physical experience. Might it be that in this manner we can have OPTIMUM LEARNING from every experience and share these things with Father/Source too? Perhaps.

It seems that while our base-line reality/perception is the physical world we will be UNCONSCIOUS of the fact that every possible version of any given reality is being lived out by us in parallel or alternate realities. Also, there is a difference between parallel and alternate realities, in that our personality in our parallel realities is similar to our personality in our base-line reality, but in alternate realities we get to explore ALTERNATE TYPES OF PERSONALITY in similar situations as our base-line reality. Therefore, by way of our alternate realities we are able to have experiences comparable to our base-line reality, but we can view the very SAME SITUATION through the viewpoint of a different personalty and in this way we can explore different personality traits and even different expressions of our divine qualities (Christ in us) within similar, yet slightly different, situations.

Now, this is getting even more “out there,” but as our primary consciousness expands into the upper 4th and lowest 5th dimension, it may be that parallel and alternate realities can “bleed through” into our base-line reality and in this way they converge into the ONENESS of our ever-expanding multidimensional self. It might also be (and I suspect that it is) that when our point of perception RISES into the 5th dimension and BEYOND that we can even PREVIEW all the parallel and alternate realities of our 3rd and 4th dimensional self (without judgment), and consequently, we can gain the most information and learning from our time in lower worlds.

It seems to me, Bro, that one of the reasons why we choose NOT to be aware of our parallel and alternate realities while still holding a 3D form is that there is a strong potential for SELF-JUDGMENT which would greatly hinder our ascension process. Thus, most of us choose to limit the perception of our other realities until we are better equipped to process them without judgment.

Wow. It seems that our 3D blinders are coming off now, Man, and this so that we can prepare ourselves for living in awareness of our multidimensional realities. We are certainly multidimensional beings. Of course, we cannot process this stuff with our natural minds. My spirit bears witness to this though – it gets it (somehow), as it should.

The Lord told me last night that what was taught to men by the Spirit 2000 years ago (and even taught through most all of the Church Age) is what THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MAN WAS READY FOR then, but that the time HAS NOW COME for some of us to receive A MUCH DEEPER REVELATION OF LIFE IN THE FATHER’S MULTIDIMENSIONAL KINGDOM. Related to this, I’ve been shown a sign over the past few days which has said, “It’s your time.” Yeah. I really think so.


What this means to me is that what is actually “ascending” is OUR PRIMARY POINT OF PERCEPTION, and this ascension will continue (in spirit) until we have fully “PUT ON THE MIND OF CHRIST.” This is surely that place of ONENESS with the Father, and it is also, more than likely, THE HIGHEST ATTAINABLE PLACE for ascended spirits.

A major problem with sharing things like this is that the natural 3d mind cannot conceive of “realities” which are beyond time and space. That mind cannot comprehend how we can exist multidimensionally and eternally, not to mention us being able to be cognizant of many and varying perspectives and realities all at once. In truth, there exists an expression of you, beloved, which is PERFECT and which is fully experiencing ONENESS with God and with EVERY BEING who has ever been created. The rub is for THAT expression of you to become your primary point of perspective. THAT is surely the perspective of someone who has FULLY put on THE MIND OF CHRIST.


By the way, through dreams or through meditation some of us are able to OBSERVE our 4th dimensional selves. In the 5th dimension, if we can switch our focus/consciousness there, we will find that we largely INTERACT there with THOUGHT FORMS which are SYMBOLIC CONSTRUCTS of the feelings and emotions which are expressed by us in our 3rd and 4th dimensional experiences. In this way we can then “compute” (or process) FROM A HIGHER PERSPECTIVE both our base-line 3d realities and all of the parallel and alternate realities that we experience in 4d. This, of course, is an OPTIMAL way of learning from these experiences.

I was awakened by the Spirit at 1:30 am this morning, beloved, and I have been in conversation with the Spirit about this subject ever since. I can’t say that I understand all of what I’m sharing with you, but I can say that I’m sharing with you as led.

One more thing: Consider, beloved, that you CAN express (even in the 3rd dimension) your highest level of consciousness – “as a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Also now consider what you know about “the manifestation of the Sons of God,” and you might understand why our “ascension in consciousness” is so utterly important, and how it is that the Creation is groaning for a “Sons of God” level of consciousness in men.