On Keto-Adaptation

Ketosis is the state that someone goes into after fasting for several days or when they first begin a low-carb (moderate protein) high-fat diet. After being in ketosis for a while (various sources suggest 10-30 days, potentially going through the “keto flu” and overcoming it) the body becomes “keto adapted.” What this means is that the body has switched from using glucose for fuel to using ketone bodies; a metabolic state which can align the body’s systems and in this way free one from the degeneration and disease which is common to the broad and “normal” way.

The brain can run on glucose or ketone bodies, but it seems to run especially well on ketone bodies. Beta-hydroxybutyrate is the specific ketone loved by the brain, and this comes from metabolized fats. Short and medium chain triglycerides, as those found in coconut oil, MCT oil and ghee, are fats which are easily converted into Beta-hydroxybutyrate, so consuming these things while adapting (and afterward) is rather important. 

I’m now in the process of adapting, but I already have relatively consistent energy throughout the day and I never get hungry. What this means is that I don’t eat because I have to but because I want to. As you can probably imagine, this makes fasting rather easy for me. 

I’ll end this note by saying that I’ve felt led of late to simply share with you all my personal experience. I’m not an expert on this subject and I’m also not suggesting that everyone do what I’m doing – each of you needs to hear God for yourself and do what HE says. Problem is; most people today are so set and stuck in their ways that they’re not even willing to hear what God has to say to them. He has a remnant of listeners though. There’s always been a remnant, and there is one today.