On Intimacy with the Father, and Good Vibes

I shared with someone of “New Age” thinking recently that the “collective consciousness” or “corporate Christ” is none other than “the Body of Christ,” a Body that has a Head (the Lord Jesus Christ – our Elder Brother) and also a Father (The Spirit and Source of All). In the eternal realm, this (Body) is a completed work, and yet in time and space we see many who are not yet in submission to their Head, and we see many others who are coming into “Christ consciousness” and yet do not understand their true relationship to the Lord Jesus and the Father (it’s yet very impersonal for many of them, them still trying to relate to “source-energy” or “the universe”). This is all quite understandable, being that both of these (the Head and Source) have been so grossly misrepresented to so many people by well-intentioned but not very insightful “Christians.”

On a slightly different (but related) note, I feel to mention here that thoughts are ENERGY, the vibrations of which open us up to like vibrations (even ENTITIES in the spirit world). This is why we are exhorted to “take thoughts captive ” and to “think on these things – whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable excellent and/or praiseworthy” (Phil. 4:8). This is because this type of thoughts ARE OF A VERY HIGH VIBRATIONAL ENERGY, and they open us up to the UNLIMITED RESOURCES of the heavenly realms. These thoughts are also of a DOMINANT VIBRATION, which means that those who think of and resonate with these things (in their hearts) are capable of lifting up others with lower thoughts, these “others,” in a sense, becoming ENTRAINED to the much higher vibration.

You may want to think here of why creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God, of how the Father’s plan is for SONS in the likeness and image of Jesus Christ to come forth and change the world with the vibration of their hearts. You may also want to consider here that MEDITATION serves to enable us to control our thoughts, to “think on these things” continually, and let all else just pass on by.