OK, And So…

OK, so I’ve presented to you that “the Son,” “the Only Begotten Son, “the Way,” “the Truth,” “the Life,” “the Door” and “the Open door” are all the same thing, right? – CHRIST. Can you see yet that when Jesus said “I am these things” it was THE CHRIST speaking through him? Can you see how this perspective might change some things with regard to what many people think about “salvation”?

What I mean by that last statement is that by recognizing that Jesus manifested the Christ and was resurrected after death doesn’t “save you.” Really. Think about this for a moment. Save you FROM what? Save you TO what? Beloved, by believing that Jesus was the Christ in manifestation and that he was crucified and rose again from the dead, you are given an OPPORTUNITY TO AWAKEN from your sleep of death so that you can RECONNECT TO THE SPIRIT so that you can BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY through YOUR OWN HEART and there experience THE CHRIST unto the manifestation of Christ in you! I can assure you, you can go down for every altar call on every single Sunday at your church, but if you do not “work out” the inner vibrations of your being which are misaligned with Christ, then when you depart from this physical world you will wind up in a dimension of being which closely matches those misalignments and which is a far cry from being “saved.”

Now, D, are you saying that many good, “God-fearing” Christians can wind up in a “hell” like place in the spirit world? That is exactly what I am saying here. Jesus himself said as much (I could give you a load of scripture references here, but I won’t). Be assured though that this is not a “never-ending” state – it too serving a good and benevolent purpose which is spiritual progression.

What I’m getting at here (once again), is that “your hope of glory” is CHRIST IN YOU, and if you have made a heart connection with Jesus but have not connected with the CHRIST IN YOU (that “higher” you), you, quite simply, will not make much progress in Christ. I’m also saying here that the lowest sub-planes of the 4th dimension are filled with spirits who are proclaiming, “But Lord, did we not…?”.. and that these are they who “confessed Jesus” with their mouths (and who may have been quite genuine about that) but who completely denied the way of their INNER ASCENSION in Christ. Is it any wonder, really, why these poor folks are not able to understand why they are not “saved” as they were told by their religious leaders and spiritual teachers that they would be?

Dear friends, this all, in no way, diminishes the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, but rather, it REVEALS what that represents in a way that most of Christianity has yet to figure out. CHRIST is “the true Light which enlightens every man coming to the world.” In Jesus “the fullness of Christ was in the world bodily,” even the Christ through which “the whole world was made.” But the world did not know (or recognize) the Christ in Jesus and therefore not in their own hearts either. In Jesus was “The Life” (the Christ) and “The Life” was (and is) “The Light of men,” and “this Light” did shine in the darkness (of men’s hearts and minds) but the darkness comprehended it not…and it still doesn’t comprehend it, even (if not especially) in many (if not most) of the Christian churches today.