Obliged to Descend

With regard to kingdom inheritance, I can assure you that those who are great in the spiritual world are those who were small on Earth, and that frequently those who were great and powerful on Earth find themselves extremely small in the spiritual world.

This is because when Man discarnates he takes with him (into the kingdom) only that which makes for greatness in the kingdom, that which is never lost, which are his Christ-like virtues. All earthly greatness, such as riches, titles, glory, nobleness of birth, etc., are utterly worthless on “the other side.” If Man has nothing apart from these earthly attributes when he discarnates, he will find himself destitute of everything – spiritually ship-wrecked, so to speak. The pride retained usually makes the position even worse for him, even more humiliating, especially when it is found that those he trod underfoot or neglected on Earth have been raised to places of glory far above him.

Another thing to consider with all of this is the divine process of successive reincarnations, in that when those who in one life have raised themselves to high positions or have wallowed in material wealth and selfishness, they are often born into lowly conditions in a succeeding existence to learn what they did not learn (or get free from) previously. In other words, it quite often is those who are admired as the “shakers and the movers” of this world, who seek for themselves power and wealth and recognition who are OBLIGED TO DESCEND in this world (in another existence) and on the other side.

Do you not see why Jesus hit on this subject so often, beloved?