November 13th Note

Years ago I used to include passages of scripture and scripture references in almost everything that I wrote. That’s good, I think, especially, for the spiritually young, but largely my audience (or readership) is pretty “grown up” now and therefore they have ears to hear what the Spirit has to say in this day. They also are pretty familiar with the scriptures, so to keep including scripture verses in what I write so as not to make people nervous about what I’m writing, well, that just isn’t the way that I’m being led right now.

Still, some of you may be thinking at times that I’m getting pretty “out there.” What I’m writing might even be making you a little bit nervous. If you feel that you are getting a “check in your spirit,” beloved, ask yourself (or God, really) if that check is coming from the Holy Spirit or the spirit of indoctrination – the voice of those who have taught you to “beware” of anything different from what they teach.

A sister just wrote in regarding this topic, and I think that she is rightly discerning what is really going on, so I’m going to share with you what she has written. Here it is. — D

* * * * * *
Hi David,

Even when you seem to be in “the twilight zone” your heart always shows through and I know your love for God. I think it is safe to assume the people reading your blogs are also seekers, but most are coming from the foundation of scripture. You have said you are being a bridge to New Agers but you are also being used to bridge this quantum reality to the brethren. The Father is showing us the unseen part of His creation by allowing quantum science to advance. I am not seeking to understand quantum science, but I am seeking to understand its implications in light of the Spirit of Truth and His word. I know He speaks outside of scripture but He never contradicts His written word, a tool through which most of us have sought to renew our minds. The shift you speak of may be like a “move of the camp,” a redirection of our understanding and enlightening that we will “know also as we are known” (1 Cor 13:12) to further the revelation of His Son in us as we mature spiritually. I understand the quantum is HOW the unseen transports to the seen. In my mind this can be likened to Christ being the way, the door or gate connecting creation to its Creator.

Just pondering…