November 12th Note

Some of you may notice that I sometimes go for long periods of time without writing, and then there are times when I write A LOT. This is because I try to only write as I am given Holy Spirit unction to do so, and when the unction comes, it tends to move and flow until all that needs to be said, is said.

Somewhat along this line; I was sitting in a church about 15 years ago and I was having trouble listening to the pastor because what was being taught from the pulpit was much different from what I was HEARING in my spirit from the Spirit. I realized then that I had to step away from the organized institutions of men in order to wholeheartedly follow God. It was then that He (the Spirit of Truth) fully became my Teacher, and the Lord Himself fully became my Pastor.

I’m sharing this because I want you to know that I try to share only the things that have been CARVED ON MY HEART experientially by the Lord. He teaches me by way of prophetic EXPERIENCE, and I write out from these experiences.

Now, some of you are probably like me, in that you need to KNOW things for yourself, that you don’t just buy into what people happen to be teaching, no matter how good or right it might seem at the time. Frankly, I find little comfort in people’s beliefs, especially since beliefs are the most abundant commodity in the world today. Every religion, society and culture is OVERFLOWING with its version of “truth” and its man-made collection of solid convictions. I really only want to hear what the Spirit has to say. I’ve heard enough of the other stuff. I want to KNOW the Truth for myself, and not be buried beneath an ever-growing mountain of man’s doctrines, dogmas, assumptions and conclusions.

This said; I believe that the purpose for this life is EXPERIENCE, especially experiencing ourselves in the midst of our physical, emotional and spiritual circumstances, and also experiencing FELLOWSHIP WITH THE FATHER and the work of the HOLY SPIRIT as self is dealt with and Christ is brought forth from our innermost being.

Beloved, we are to be EXPLORERS on a magnificent journey. We will either discover, learn, grow and KNOW things by the Spirit, or we will become slaves to other people’s opinions and thoughts, even those things that are presented to us as being of the Spirit. I don’t know about you, but I’m sensing a tremendous shift these days in Spirit-consciousness and awareness, and I am also becoming much more intimate with my Father and far more trusting of Him to lead me than ever before. Don’t be afraid to EXPLORE beyond the prevailing beliefs and convictions of the day, beloved. There is a thread of truth which runs through the common teachings of the day, but most TRUTH needs to be discovered by you. It needs to be written upon your heart as the Holy Spirit uncovers for you the things that the Father has especially for you!

Be wonderfully blessed today.

In His love,