Not Valid Input!

And here’s why I sometimes get (not as much as I used to) “You’re terribly mistaken, David,” followed by some kind of well-accepted, Christian doctrinal stance…

So, what is it about the intellect that causes it to constantly get in the way of spiritual growth? Well, the intellect is a relative faculty, meaning; that it functions by always comparing new ideas to what is already known. So when a new idea is presented to you, your intellect immediately compares it to its subconscious database. This is not necessarily a problem, and it is not the intention here to say that there is anything wrong with the intellect. The intellect and the physical senses are all very useful even though they have a limited capacity. The problem is when the 3D world experience of a person is dominated by what he or she can detect with their intellect and natural senses, because it is in such a way that a person becomes a prisoner of that limited capacity.

Consider too that the intellect is not designed to have original thoughts, but to help us sort and categorize information that is coming to us from outside of our mind. It therefore functions much the same as a database program on a computer. The database program has a number of predefined categories or file folders that are set apart by different criteria. When input comes to the program, it compares it to the criteria that define the existing categories and then it puts the input into the file folder where it most closely matches the criteria. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is a perfectly valid and practical faculty of the mind.

However, now consider what happens when the intellect is presented with an idea that absolutely does not fit in any of the categories in our subconscious database. When the intellect simply cannot deal with an idea, it will reject it in much the same way as a computer: “Not valid input!” And this is how the intellect can become a closed circle. Can you see that the reason a new idea is rejected is not necessarily that the idea is not valid. The reason might be that the idea does not fit into any of the predefined categories of the intellectual database, and thus a person simply cannot grasp the idea.

As an example of this, consider a person who has accepted the materialistic paradigm that there is nothing beyond the material world. If such a person is presented with evidence that there might be a level of reality beyond what science and the senses can detect, the person’s intellect will not know how to categorize this information because the person doesn’t have a category in the subconscious database that would define such evidence as valid information. Thus, the person’s intellect will automatically respond with “Not valid input!”

Now look at the situation of Jesus walking the dusty roads of ancient Palestine. The scribes, the Pharisees and other leaders of the Jewish religion had created an elaborate system based on their own intellectual interpretations of the Torah. They believed that their system was infallible and that it was in complete accord with the truth of God. Yet in reality, it was a man-made system that had shut out the Spirit of Truth. So what happened when Jesus appeared on the stage and preached the living truth of the Spirit? Because Jesus’ teachings did not fit into the categories in their subconscious databases, the Jewish leaders responded with “Not valid input!” And thus, the intellectuals of their day rejected Christ.

Now look at Christianity today and think about the long history of the suppression of ideas that go beyond official doctrines. Think about how most Christians would react to an idea that does not fit into the database defined by the doctrines of their church. Do you think that it’s possible that the human intellect has caused people to turn Christianity into a system that is as closed as the Jewish religion that rejected the living truth of Christ? I think so. So what do you think happens when the leaders of modern Christianity are presented with a living truth that challenges their doctrines, perhaps even challenges much of what they think is foundational truth? Do you think that it’s likely that such a truth from the Spirit would be accepted, or do you think the reaction would be: “Not valid input?”

This leads me to ask a more personal question…

Beloved, are you willing to consider that your own intellect might have a subconscious database that could pre-program you to reject the living truth of Christ because it does not fit into the existing categories in your database?

And another question…

Are you willing to look at the categories in your database and consider whether their criteria are out of alignment with the living truth of Christ?

Now take these considerations one step further…

Is it even possible for the human intellect to fathom the Spirit of Truth? Can the unlimited Spirit of Truth be categorized and fit into any man-made system? This is what many modern Christian teachers would have you believe, yet any man-made system becomes a closed circle. Period. So why does Christ come to earth? Christ comes to set the captives free, but from what? From man’s closed systems of thought. Christ comes to offer people an opportunity to reconnect to the living Spirit that is beyond any system created through the intellect.

The key of knowledge, Beloved, refers to the intuitive faculty that can give you non-linear, spherical and timeless impressions that cannot be fit into any intellectual database. The intellect deals with thoughts only, but the knowledge you get through the key of knowledge precedes thought. It is the “big picture” as opposed to the detail-oriented and fragmented picture painted by the intellect. The intellect is good at dealing with “how” questions, whereas only intuition can help you answer the “why” questions.

Again, you will never fully “understand” Christ through the human intellect. In fact, it is the mind of Anti-christ that thinks everything can be reduced to the level of thought and thus can be categorized by the intellect. Do you see that if everything can be categorized, then it becomes possible to label something as bad or evil while elevating something else to a superior status while closing out the non-dual truth of the Spirit? People thus lose the key of knowledge and only know the duality that is built into the mind of Anti-christ. And this explains why people not only reject Christ, but also feel a compelling need to silence the voice of the Spirit through the prophets.