No More Reprieves

I woke up hearing “carry on” in my spirit this morning. My attention was then brought to an article on this website called “The Spirit of Burning,” most specifically brought to the last paragraph of this article. I don’t know about you, but this paragraph speaks deep to my spirit as to why there now seems to be no more reprieves. — D

A brother asked me recently to tell him why I think it is that the church today is so spiritually weak and that most people in the church today can’t hear God as they ought to. I said to him that I think that is because very few Christians today have gone before God and cried out to Him with every molecule of their being that they want to KNOW HIM in the power of Christ’s resurrection and that they care not what the cost of knowing Him in this way is. This brother then asked me if I had ever done that, prayed in such a way, and I shared with him that I pray that prayer almost every day, but that I first prayed it (on my knees and in tears) about 15 years ago. That is when my whole life got turned upside down, and was just prior to me getting stripped of all my material possessions and entering into the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings in a way that many times I thought that I would rather die than carry on with it. Over the years there have been days when the fire has seemed so hot that I thought that I might not be able to endure any more of it, but I always made it through to an eventual reprieve. Now, it is much HOTTER THAN EVER, and His grace is still sufficient for me to endure it, no matter how it comes. What seems to have changed though is that there appears to be no more reprieves. I suspect that this is the part of the journey represented by Jesus’ walk from Gethsemane to Golgotha. This is where the blood (which represents the life of adamic selfishness and that which cannot inherit the Kingdom of God) is sweat out and then poured out. You might call this “the final stretch” in the race for the prize. I may share more on this subject later as it relates to us not only being in the fire, but us becoming it, and thereby no longer able to be “hurt by the second death.”