No Miracles in Nazareth?

Beloved, have you ever wondered why even Jesus could do no mighty miracles in Nazareth? Well, I’ll tell you just why that was. It was because the people in Nazareth back then had subjected themselves to an order of unbelief.

Let’s put it this way …

When people put themselves in subjection to men to lead them and guide them in their ways, a spiritual dynamic is formed in heavenly places which causes both spiritual blindness AND a lack of miracle working power. This has to do with spiritual laws and principles of authority and headship. Those of you who are accustomed to seeing God move miraculously know full well what I’m talking about here. Everything that happens here in this realm is subject to divine laws – laws that even Jesus Himself was subject to in His day.

Please, dear friends, ask the Lord to bring some more light to this subject. We really need to understand these things in order to move on into the ministry work that is just ahead. — D