Naaman’s Pride

I’ve been sharing some things lately with the people on my e-mail list about the huge and various health benefits of taking bovine colostrum, and I now feel led to make available to everyone some of the best colostrum around and this at true wholesale prices (see “Other” in the menu bar above if you are interested).

With regard to this, it is easy for some people to judge that taking supplements like colostrum may be pretty good, but that there is “a higher way.” I agree and I also strongly disagree, in that whether a way is “the highest” or not is wholly dependent upon what THE FATHER’S WORD is to an individual in a particular situation.

Look at it this way…

Under the New Covenant the Holy Spirit becomes a law to us, beloved. It is called the Law of the Spirit of Life. This means that whatever THE FATHER says to us is LIFE to us IF we respond according to His word and will (that word spoken from His mouth to our hearts).

Over the years I have been miraculously delivered from things time and time again according to His Word, and have seen many others healed and delivered of things in the very same way. Most recently though, the word to me (with regard to some physical issues) was for me to take colostrum, and for me to share about colostrum with others. Because this is THE WORD to me in this situation, this then is also LIFE to me in this situation, any other way (no matter how much more spiritual it might seem to me or others) NOT being life in this particular case.

In short, for me, this is all just another exercise in EATING OF LIFE, of simply HEARING AND OBEYING THE FATHER without making natural judgments, of being that LEAF BLOWN BY THE WIND and seeing the Father’s will come to pass in ways that I could not have even imagined. It’s all very grand.

In line with all of this, I feel that I should now share with you a word about the  O.T. character “Naaman the Syrian.”  — D

* * * * * * * *

I feel led to mention here something here about Naaman the Syrian, as he is one who had his own PRECONCEIVED IDEAS about how he would be healed. Naaman had leprosy, and he was given a word that if he went to see the prophet Elisha in Israel he would be healed entirely of his affliction. That was surely a true word to Naaman, but Naaman mixed that word with his own preconceptions.

Now, Naaman was a bigshot in the Syrian army, and I think that because of this he ASSUMED that on his arrival to Israel he would get the red carpet treatment from the prophet Elisha. But that is not what happened. It seems that Naaman also expected God to do a miracle through Elisha and that this would be performed with all of the pomp and circumstance that such an occasion required (according to Naaman). This also did not happen.

What happened was that instead of Elisha coming out to speak with Naaman, he sent his servant Gehazi to speak with him, and the servant simply told Naaman to immerse himself seven times in the Jordan river and that after this he would be healed of his leprosy. Well, Naaman hears this message from a (mere) servant and he becomes furious. He expected to deal directly with the prophet of Israel and he also EXPECTED to be healed in a dramatic fashion. He was insulted that he was told to go and be healed in a much less respectful and less dramatic way. Naaman then concluded that if dunking himself in a river would heal him, then he would do it in one of the pristine rivers in his own country, not the filthy Jordan. But that was not THE WORD OF THE LORD to him.

Fortunately for Naaman, his servants reasoned with him and they prevailed. Naaman was desperate for help. He had been willing to pay a very high price to be healed, or even do something very dramatic and difficult if necessary. But this was not what GOD wanted. Why is it that Naaman was willing to do something great but he was not happy about doing something small? We know the answer to this. It was Naaman’s PRIDE. Truth broke through to Naaman’s heart though, and he went to the Jordan as instructed and he was healed.

Beloved, I’m sharing this story with you because in certain ways Naaman is a type of many of us who have not only preconceptions about the way that God should work but have preconceptions that are rooted and grounded in OUR SPIRITUAL PRIDE. I’ve seen God work miracles in the past where He has brought forth deliverance to people instantly, but this operation by way of “the gift of miracles” is no greater than God moving in other ways. Every way that God moves IS GREAT! It is wonderful when He performs an instant miracle, but there is also MUCH FRUIT which comes forth from us bearing witness to a Word or Promise from the Lord and then faithfully walking step by step on through to the fulfillment of that promise, regardless of where this walk takes us. The Father is not in the market for miracle workers, beloved, but rather He is looking for vessels through whom He can do whatever He wants whenever He wants. This takes a lot of training on our part, largely, training in hearing and obeying and in dying to our thoughts about the way that God works or should work in any given situation. His ways are UNLIMITED, and they are all wonderful.

In short; the Jordan is symbolic of death, beloved. Leprosy is also a symbol of our corruption and mortality. Naaman dunking “seven times” in the Jordan river can represent to us the tests of our obedience that bring us to the end of our self-thinking and self-acting and bring us into the fullness of Christ’s resurrection life. With regard to physical afflictions, it is always the Lord’s heart to deliver us from them. Our preconceptions about the timing and the way to this deliverance can often get in the way of us laying hold of it though.