We are at a time in human history when the veils between two worlds (3d and 4d) are being lifted. This can be a little frightening for people who want the material world to be the safe and predictable place that it has always been (or has seemed to be, anyway). This can also be rather thrilling for those who have prepared (in heart) for it, for as the material world becomes more destabilized in 3d, the 4d world becomes increasingly more accessible.

I am often accosted by people who take a stand for the validity of the material world, by those who want to debate about what is “real” as opposed to what is “unseen and unknown.” I propose to you here though that this “reality” for which these people take a stand is but AN ILLUSION suffered because of a disconnect from Spirit. Simply put; what the natural senses detect as “real” is simply a 3D INTERPRETATION of vibrational energy which can look very different when it is viewed from a higher vibrational perspective.

With regard to the dimension just above the 3d world; there are many unusual Powers at work there and phenomena to experience there, and for many discarnate spirits (and incarnate spirits who are sensitive to the vibrations of this realm) this can have a unique and somewhat hypnotic allure, them enjoying the LIBERATION of moving from the world of 3d limitations into the EXPANSIVENESS of a higher vibration and more thought responsive world. For others, however, this can be a world of shifting forms and gray alliances and of non-linear logic which can be quite scary.

I’m sharing this all with you now, beloved, because, somehow, the 3d world and the 4d world are becoming MORE INTERACTIVE, the veil between these dimensions thinning, and this is going to have a tremendous SANCTIFYING effect on all of us. Frankly, I find this all very exciting.