Musings 8/6/16

Many Christian “leaders” today seem to be quite concerned about how many books they sell, how many people they reach, how many people they convert, how much money they make and how much property they can buy. But really, are we supposed to care so much about outer things? It seems to me that the Spirit is far more concerned with bringing people into a state of unity and oneness with all that is, for when even a small number of people in embodiment¬†come fully into that, the world will surely be changed.

Thing is; for when people come into oneness in Christ we have God in manifestation on earth and the decisive force that can solve any problem. With the consciousness of separation though, where people seek to elevate themselves and their ministries rather than elevating all life, it is impossible to solve the many problems that are seen in this world.

And so, I send prayers of encouragement to all of you who are now demonstrating that you are fully willing to come into unity and oneness with God and others by fellowshipping with Christ in the way of the cross. I know that many of you still sit in lonely places, and yet you are learning to come together with “all that is” by way of the spiritual realms and by a way of communication with others which transcends all physical means.

My prayers also go out to the many pastors and teachers today who are still stuck on the path of separation. I pray that they might soon awaken and realize that they can transcend all divisive states of consciousness and can be welcomed into the resonance of oneness as they willingly raise their motivation for what they do and raise their approach to life in Christ.