Moving Mountains

In light of what I’ve written recently on ketogenesis, I feel to add here that my Bro. Brad shared with me this morning a word that he received about “vibrational reconstruction” and about a visual that was incorporated into this word, something that he said looked like energetic confetti raining down and being scattered all about. 

I told B that I suspect that this word and vision given to him have to do with us being restructured physically and peri-spiritually as we walk out what is now being revealed. It’s pretty exciting, really. I also shared with B that I’m amazed by how people get so darned worked up (even to the point of getting all-out-angry) when it is proposed to them that they need to drastically change the way that they eat (and live) if they do not desire to go the way of falling Babylon. It’s only food, for God’s sake. 

Did Jesus not say that the kingdom shall come forth (in us) through much prayer and fasting? Did He not say that this (dying to the selfishness of stuffing our faces with whatever we want to eat and replacing it with Spirit discipline and FAITH) is how mountains are moved? Might this kind of disciplined life be the way to the transformation of our physical and spiritual bodies? I think so. It really kinda looks that way. 

If you haven’t got it yet, beloved, this that I have been sharing about recently IS NOT about the latest fad diet but about THE WAY TO MOVE MOUNTAINS by dying to self and joyfully surrendering to whatever the Spirit wants to do with you. The desire to eat what and when we want is a THREMENDOUSLY STRONG carnal urge, and because of this it seems that when God breaks a man or woman of even their slightest independence in this area, then He’s pretty much got the whole heart of that man or woman. What happens then? Well, Jesus demonstrated that with His life, didn’t He.

I’ve shared in the past of how disappointed many wannabe “Sons of God” are going to be when they find out that  all their teaching and bible study is not enough to bring them into Sonship. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Sons must be proven as Sons. Ask the Lord for yourself if this is not so.