Mount of Transfiguration Insight

I mentioned the other day that the Lord told me to think of Moses and Elijah (on the Mount of Transfiguration) when I was seeking Him for more about a 2 part (Kingdom Age) remnant. I’ve now done that, and there are some things about this gospel account that I can see now which I couldn’t see earlier.

It has seemed pretty plain to me for a while that the whole vision given on the Mount of Transfiguration is about the Tabernacles Age of the Kingdom. I could see that Peter, in acting by what he was seeing, thought that the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles had come to all of those on the Mount, and this is why he mistakenly thought that he should build “booths” for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah.

What has come to light about this now that I couldn’t see before this is that Moses and Elijah TOGETHER represent the First Resurrection//Witness/ Remnant that will be working (for the most part) from the spirit realm side of the veil during the Kingdom Age, and Jesus then represents in this account the First Resurrection/Tabernacle of David/Witness/Remnant that will work primarily from the earth side of the veil during the Kingdom Age.

This is surely the Lord’s Army/Choir that will be made up of TWO groups of overcomers in Christ (2 x 144,000). As I have shared earlier, both of these groups will be working TOGETHER for the very same purpose and towards the very same end, and this is the setting of God’s whole creation free!

I believe that the interaction that will take place between these two groups can be seen in Jesus’ interactive meeting with Moses and Elijah on the Mount. Beloved, I’m not sure if you can see this yet or not, but this whole thing (The Mount of Transfiguration account) is a depiction of THE BLESSED AND HOLY FIRST RESURRECTION!

Friends in Christ, let me just add here that this Tabernacles/First Resurrection Kingdom administration is extremely Davidic, in that it will be used by God to put all enemies under the feet of the Body of Christ (even the last enemy – death). In this way, this administration makes way for the peaceable Solomonic Kingdom (and the general resurrection) even as warrior king David made way for the peaceable Kingdom of Solomon.

Also, we should take note that Jesus (who represents for us in this the “Tabernacle of David” people) was not glorified bodily at the time of the “Transfiguration,” but He did display then a fully formed BODY OF LIGHT. This, is how SONS look in the spirit realm, beloved, for the celestial garment that is made in the working out of one’s SOUL salvation is fully formed in sons AND IS PUT ON!

Anyway, as some of you can probably tell, I’ve been shooting from the hip throughout much of what I have shared just recently. I have been doing this, I have. I also know that much of what I have been sharing (if not all of it) is hitting the mark. I find it real interesting that God has chosen to download all of this stuff about the Kingdom of Tabernacles and the First Resurrection at the time of the Feast of Tabernacles. We’re in the middle of that feast now, if you didn’t already know that. Surely, this time has been “appointed” for this recent “downloading.”

Bless the Lord … and blessings of His understanding to all of you. — D