More Morning Musings

I have shared how the 5th and 6th dimensions consist of different degrees or levels of CONSCIOUSNESS, the first being an awakening in consciousness to the part of you that is one with God in Christ and to be able to see ALL THINGS from that perspective, and the latter being an awakening in consciousness to your oneness with God and with all who are in Christ (which includes fellowship with that spark of Christ in all, by the way) and to be able to see continually FROM THAT corporate perspective.

It is my understanding that to attain to a 6th dimensional state of consciousness is to attain to peace which surpasses all human understanding and to the state of being where you can seek and find and know the truth about anything that you focus your attention upon. This is the ascended state where unconditional love for everyone continually vibrates in your being and where you are fully aware of your ability to tear down (undo evil) and create (bring forth Christ) even in the lowest of the vibrational worlds. Beloved, this is the state of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

It seems to me that Jesus was manifesting a 6th dimensional state of being during the time of his Sonship ministry on Earth, for this dimension represents THE STATE OF SONS, and also, the light body which Jesus manifested on the Mount of Transfiguration is the spirit’s (peri-spiritual) vehicle for this particular dimension.

Just sharing some thoughts here, for whatever they may be worth to you. Also, I don’t have anything on the 7th dimension yet, but it sure looks like we’re heading in that direction.