More Faith

A sister has asked how great faith (of which I write) comes upon us. My answer to her (for whatever it’s worth) is that it doesn’t “come upon us” as much as it is developed in us as we walk with the Lord and He proves His faithfulness to us. Faith is a gift, but it is also developed in us as we give our lives to sacrificial cooperation with God. The bottom line, I guess, is that more faith comes to us with MORE LIFE (the Zoe Life), and more Life is given to us as we lay down our self-life (the psuche life) for the will and purposes of God. Jesus’ words come to mind here – “For whoever wishes to save his life (psuche) will lose it (Zoe); but whoever loses his life (psuche) for My sake will find it (Zoe).” Straight is the Gate (Jesus Christ) and narrow is the Path (of sanctification) which leads to Life (the Zoe Life), and “few” there be who find this LIFE in their life-time (the great opportunity given to find Life). I hope that you’re among “the few,” beloved.



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