Ministry Across The Veil – A Testimony

Please keep in mind that ministry across the veil is not just to lost spirits in the hellish realms, but it can also be to spirits of higher (4d) vibrational spheres who still have lessons to learn – issues of heart which need some adjusting. I’ll share a testimony with you about this…

Several years ago, when living in Florida, I kept having the same recurring dream in which I would meet with a pastor who I knew in N.Y., but who had passed on recently in physical death. In life this man persecuted me terribly, as he was not quite ready for some of the things that I was sharing with the Body at the time, and so he continually warned his church congregation about me, he and his associates even making up lies about me in order to scare people. In the dream though, this man sat humbly on a wooden blue bench, him eager and open to hear what I had to say. In the dream I would sit beside him on this blue bench for what seemed like hours and hours, teaching him about the things that he could not receive when alive in the flesh. I had this exact same dream for several nights in a row. It was quite apparent that this was not just a dream, but an encounter; a divine appointment in the spirit world.

About a year later, I was visiting some friends in N.Y. and I had another spiritual encounter with this same pastor. His name is Bob. It was late at night, just after a friend and I had attended a concert in the city of Rochester and we were walking across a dark and deserted parking lot to our cars. As we were walking, a man came out from the shadows asking for our help. He was sweating profusely, and I could tell that spirits were driving this poor guy nuts. Emerging from the darkness this man said to us,”God told me that you guys are Christians and can help me!!” I said to him, “Yes, we are, and we can. What’s your name, man?” “Nathan,” he said.

I let Nathan ramble on for a bit, but put a stop to it when I realized that it was all just a bunch of dark-spirit influenced ranting and raving. The Holy Spirit then led me to exercise authority over the spirits that we messing with Nathan, so I command them to depart from him. Depart they did. Peace seemed to instantly settle into Nathan’s spirit. He then said, “Wow! I can’t remember when I felt this good.” Nathan then went on to explain that he was a believer in Christ but one who has been “manic/bipolar” for years and years. He also said, “David, YOU know Bob XXXXX (the pastor from the dream).” I was a little startled by this, but I quickly realized that Nathan was getting this knowledge by the Spirit and because of this my curiosity was peaked to see where this was all going. I told Nathan that I did know Bob, and Nathan then went on to explain that he had attended Bob’s church, had even lived with Bob and his family for a while, them trying to help Nathan get free from the dark spirits that beset him, but to no avail. Nathan said, “They tried to help me, but not much happened, there being so much division and unrest even in their own household. I eventually just went my way, have been homeless ever since, and have been tormented by something to seemingly no end. BUT NOW I FEEL BETTER THAN ANY TIME THAT I CAN REMEMBER! THANK YOU, GOD!”

I just looked at Nathan and smiled. I was so blessed to be able to help him by sending the troublesome spirits on their way. Nathan was still homeless though, and though there wasn’t a move of the Spirit leading us to somehow remedy that, I was led to give Nathan enough money for a hotel room for the night. The word to him was, “Go spend some quiet time with the Father, Nathan. Thank Him for what He has done for you tonight, and ask Him to show you the next step.” Nathan was getting teary. We shared hugs, blessed one anther, and we went our separate ways.

When I got to my car I sat there for a little while praising God and reflecting on what had just happened. It was then that I heard (from the spirit realm), “I’m sorry, David.” It took me a moment or two to discern what was going on – who was this? Then I got it. It was Bob. The Father had allowed “Pastor Bob” to look in on the whole situation, to see us succeed in ministry to Nathan where he and others had not done so well, and to see the hearts behind the work. Apparently, this was all part of Bob’s needed purification from wrongful past judgments and associated actions, an apparent amends that he needed to experience in order for him to progress on his journey (unto New Jerusalem).

The Father allowed for the peeling away of the veil between realms just enough for me to hear Bob’s apology that night. I thought that this was a really beautiful thing for Him to allow. You may be able to see the wisdom and the beauty in this. Maybe not. Anyway, I felt no leading to respond to Bob, but I did nod my head in order to acknowledge that I heard him and that I received his apology. I remember that I was a little teary-eyed too – moved quite a bit by this emotionally. I don’t correspond with Bob, but I know that he is now a friend of mine in heavenly places, working with me now for the purposes of the Kingdom, instead of working against me.

I have quite a few more testimonies like this to share. Perhaps I will share them at another time. I do want to say here that “New Jerusalem” is the city wherein dwells perfected spirits, and most spirits require an extremely long and trying sojourn to get there. You may want to think about that. Physical death doesn’t perfect us, beloved, God does, through all sorts of lessons learned here, and if not here “over there.”

Bless you all.