Mental Taboos and Holy Cows

Some of you are probably beginning to realize that REALITY is far more complex than your traditional beliefs, yes? You will see even MORE complexity, and it will be obvious to you that the SALVATION PATH is not tread in one short lifetime, but across MANY lifetimes. Thus, reincarnation will eventually become self-evident to all spiritual students, as it was self-evident to the disciples whom Jesus expounded all things 2,000 years ago. The disciples back then knew FULL WELL that they had lived before and that they were very complex beings.

Why am I bringing up reincarnation now? Well, because (for some people) it is another way of PUNCHING THROUGH the ego’s defense strategies and through some of the illusions that have become part of their belief system for so long that they are like old familiar friends to them – certain illusions that (in their eyes) should not ever be questioned.

Beloved, when you realize that the INWARD PATH to the fullness of Christ REQUIRES that you discard ALL DUALISTIC ILLUSIONS, then you will also see that having certain illusions which you think are beyond questioning will inevitably put you in a bind – CATCH YOU IN A CATCH-22 – from which no progress is possible. You can think that you are on the spiritual path and are ascending in knowledge and in wisdom, and you can even think you have even made great progress based on outer activities (“ministry” to others perhaps), but in REALITY, you have come to a point from which you cannot progress any further, that is, until you willfully question THE ILLUSIONS that you think are beyond questioning.

The ego-self, 4th dimensional spiritual influences and “the power elite” of this world have some very effective strategies to keep you BOUND in a low state of consciousness, beloved. Their primary strategy? – to get you to ACCEPT certain illusions which keep you OUTSIDE OF THE CHRIST MIND, and then to get you to ACCEPT other illusions that make you think that the first illusions are BEYOND QUESTIONING thus making it impossible for you to rise above those illusions. Layer upon layer of illusions are then ADDED in order to PRODUCE A MAZE which keeps you trapped in a relatively low perspective and in a powerless state.. indefinitely.

If you take an honest look around, folks, you will see that this mechanism of DECEPTION and RESTRAINT is at work in most everyone everywhere. Yeah, most people have a basic SET OF BELIEFS that they will never question, and these beliefs then form A BARRIER beyond which their thoughts will never venture – beliefs other than the “set ones” becoming TABOOS to them and mental HOLY COWS which are considered to be untouchable. Here are some of the most common ways that these taboos and holy cows are formed…

By believing that certain knowledge is FORBIDDEN.

By believing that certain knowledge is DANGEROUS.

By believing that certain knowledge is IMPOSSIBLE.

By believing that the current belief set is COMPLETE.

And by believing that current beliefs are INFALLIBLE.

For brevity’s sake, I’m not going to elaborate on these things here, but you should be able to see why Jesus continually stressed the importance of having A CHILDLIKE HEART. You may want to ask the Holy Spirit about these above mentioned things though, to see how they affect you personally.

Bless you.