Melted and Melded into God

For the most part, what I share on comes out from my personal dealings with God, from things that He has carved on my heart experientially. The things that I have been sharing on recently about “the judgment of believers” is certainly no exception to this.

With this in mind, though trying to restrain myself from sending out more e-mail this morning (I’ve been sending a lot, I know), my attention was brought to a letter that I sent to a sister a few years ago, something that I have no doubt that I am to share with you now for your exhortation, your edification, and for your encouragement. — D


Like I said, M…, I hear a lot of preaching about the faith that people have in “the finished work of Christ,” you know, all the “yeah and amen, in Him” stuff. With that message though, it seems to me that many folks are trying to deny their carnality altogether by thinking that in even recognizing it they are somehow expressing unbelief. Then there are others in a similar camp, those who recognize their carnality but they just don’t think much about it, figuring that God will eventually just fix everything in due time. These things are not really in line with what I have been sharing on lately.

No, what I’ve been sharing about lately is the process that God will bring us through so that we might be able to SEE HIS FACE. It’s actually about getting a flat out, in your face revelation of your own wretchedness (to the point of being completely undone) and this so that you might become SO SMALL that you can fit through the gate of pure and holy worship, the gate which leads right into the Throne-room of God Himself.

Do you get what I’m saying here? It’s almost as if God gives us a joint revelation of the utter depravity of man and a clear vision of the Holy One at the very same time. It’s a complete undoing of all that man is, but this in the presence of a LOVE and a HOLINESS that melts and melds man into God Himself. Do you get what I’m saying here?

I admit that I’m lacking words of expression for this. I guess that “immersion” into the Lake of Fire might somehow describe this, in that, that is a complete and utter undoing of the carnal man, but something that is done in the very Presence (the FACE) of the Lamb of God Himself.

Look …

“… and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb…”

Some study into the word “tormented” can reveal that what is described there is a process of examination by “touchstone” – the testing of one’s metal, so to speak, and this by the purifying FIRE of God, and this, IN the Presence (or FACE) of the Lamb.

Somehow, M…, on some level, this all describes the simultaneous revelation of the utter depravity of man and the unconditional love of God in Christ, something that God seems to use to finish off all that is sinful and rebellious in us, even finish off our own efforts to overcome sin in the flesh.

Let’s look at it this way, Jesus Christ condemned in the flesh everything that is of our flesh, and that is not only the bad that we do, but is even the good that we do in an attempt to offer righteousness up to God. God must deal with that too, you know, for even that is a complete and total contradiction to what Jesus died for. The death of Jesus Christ is a statement against all flesh, and is AGAINST anything that man can do to be righteous by his own effort.

So, whatever righteousness we think we might have because of our own meritorious efforts, well, that also must go into the last gasp battle between man’s self-righteousness and God’s divine righteousness. The simultaneous revelation that I have been describing lately of the utter depravity of man contrasted with the utter holiness and goodness of God as seen in the Face of Jesus Christ, well, that seems to me to be the all out “scorched earth” battle to the end that God uses to do away with all that is earthy and carnal in man. This work, of course, is done by HOLY FIRE (which is the judgments of God according to His divine Law), and is also done IN the Face of the Lamb Himself. What this means is that the full revelation of the depravity of man can only be seen when one stands in the Face of Jesus Christ. Wow… whatta work.

In this, we might be able to understand why the Laodiceans of today (which includes most all of Christendom) think that they are “rich and in need of nothing.” This is because these can’t rightly judge themselves yet, because they are not yet in a place where they are BEHOLDING the Face of Him who was slain.