desperate women, impoverished, help, presence of the spirit

May 27th Note

I don’t normally post such things, but there is a leading to just briefly mention this. I’m often led into meetings with the severely broken and destitute who dwell on our city streets, people who don’t even have the most basic necessities of life. — D

I’ve been especially busy reaching out to thoroughly desperate people on the streets lately, encouraging them and blessing them, even women turning tricks in order to get money to buy groceries for their kids (there are a lot of these, believe it or not). These are beautiful people living in grossly dark, dangerous and impoverished environments, and I’m being given words to share with them from the Spirit to help strengthen them in their spiritual walk and give them some peace in the midst of their totally chaotic surroundings.

I’ve also been led (and pretty regularly) to give out money to meet immediate needs, and it’s apparently been quite shocking to these people that I do this expecting nothing in return for it, and this, in combination with these poor wounded souls coming into an AWESOME (and I’m quite careful to use that word conservatively) Presence of the Spirit, has been nothing less than transformative (there have been lots and lots of tears shed with a wonderful Spirit-glow that usually follows).

Anyway, if any of you have a witness to help in this work financially, I sure can use the help, and I assure you that EVERY PENNY given to this cause will get directly into the hands (and into the hearts) of those who desperately need some help from people who genuinely care.

Blessings, all.