Magnifying His Worth

I was meditating on the most recent subject of suffering last night, this especially with regard to the book of Job, and without being specific to certain passages of scripture, I feel led to make a brief statement…

Satan is on a leash, meaning; his work is ultimately the work of God Himself. Sure, Satan aims to destroy our faith in God, destroy our joy in God, and destroy our treasuring of Him, BUT GOD USES THESE WORKS OF SATAN TO MAGNIFY HIS WORTH IN THE HEARTS OF HIS PEOPLE. What I mean by this, beloved, is that our Father CHOOSES to demonstrate (in heaven and on earth) our indestructible faith in Him and our joy in Him BY ALLOWING US TO SUFFER, even suffer to the extent of losing everything, and this because THROUGH OUR SUFFERING our Father is glorified when his worth is magnified in our hearts ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS. This message should be quite obvious to those who read the book of Job, and to those with even a little understanding of the Wisdom of the Cross.

“And they overcame him (triumphed over Satan) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word (the expression) of their testimony; and that they loved not their lives unto the death (IOW – the Father’s worth was greatly magnified above all things in their hearts in their times of suffering, a demonstration of their willingness to give up everything for Christ).” Revelation 12:11

Bless you.