Love Your Enemies

Jesus has taught (and still teaches) us to love our enemies. To me, it seems that the possession of this virtue represents one of the greatest victories that we can achieve against selfishness and pride. I think that it’s important for us to realize though that Jesus did not mean that we should have the same tenderness for an enemy as we would for a close brother, sister or friend. No. No one can genuinely show enthusiastic friendship toward someone knowing that the other person is likely to abuse the situation, and there also cannot be the same manifestations of sympathy in those situations as with those that exist between people who share the same ideas and vibrations of heart. In short, beloved, we cannot feel the same pleasure when we are with an enemy as we do in the company of a friend. So how is it then that we are to love our enemies and persecutors (not just in this dimension, by the way)?

Well, we do this first by recognizing that there is a DIVERSITY of loving feelings which relate to the vibrations of circumstances and to that of men’s hearts. Let’s put it this way; an evil or unfriendly thought produces a vibrational current which causes an unpleasant impression upon our spirit and our emotions, and good thoughts among people bring about agreeable and pleasant emanations of heart. This is the reason for the different sensations which are experienced in the presence of a friend or an enemy. So, to “love one’s enemy” cannot be signifying that there should not be any difference between the affection we have for an enemy and that for a friend. The precept of loving one’s enemy seems difficult for most of us to put into practice (or perhaps even impossible) because it has been falsely understood that we are supposed to give both friends and enemies an equal place in our hearts. Restrictions of the human language have brought about this error in thinking, for “love” is to be expressed in DIFFERENT SHADES OF SENTIMENT according to the differences in the vibrational emanations of men’s hearts and the overall vibration of the environment or circumstance.

Contact with an enemy or a vengeful person generally makes our heart beat in an entirely different manner than it beats when we are in contact with a friend, beloved. To “love our enemies” means that we should not express hate nor bear any bitterness nor resentfulness against them. It means that we do not desire vengeance and that we are willing to FORGIVE all of the evil that they have caused us and this without hidden thoughts or conditions. It means that we do not put obstacles in the way of RECONCILIATION and that we wish only good things for them. It is to feel joy (instead of regret) at the good things that may come their way, and to HELP THEM whenever possible and abstain completely from words or acts which might prejudice them. This is about always returning goodness for evil without any intention to harm or humiliate anyone, beloved. It is my understanding that whosoever can proceed in this manner, fulfills the conditions of Jesus’ commandment: “Love your enemies.”

I may share more about this subject later, especially with regard to how this precept relates to our “enemies” in the unseen dimensions of the spirit world.