Living Harmoniously

I shared this a while back. This is a reminder, I guess. — D

It’s been impressed on me recently that we need to get back to natural rhythms and cycles. What I mean by this is that even with things like the Gregorian calendar and the timekeeping of today we’ve all been DUMBED DOWN – being highly conditioned to live on MAN’S timeline and in service to (and in perpetuation of) a materialistic and spiritually DETUNED society, instead of living with time as A CONTINUUM of the fourth, fifth, and quite possibly the sixth dimension.

Also, with the commercial worldwide mega-farming and shipping of today, man has gotten far away from GOD’S NATURAL RHYTHMS AND CYCLES for even his eating, most people today eating whatever they want just because THEY CAN, instead of them eating what is IN SEASON and is indigenous to their particular environment.

I may share more about all of this later, but for now let me just say that I see a kingdom ahead in which people live IN HARMONY with the Spirit, with the planet and with the cycles of nature; a kingdom in which there is A SYNERGISTIC FLOW between the earth, the cosmos, the Spirit and the walk of men; a kingdom in which BALANCE between these things is MAINTAINED and therefore energy can flow freely between the inner and the outer worlds.

DARK FORCES have worked ferociously through men and his “modern ways” to cause a break in the intense connection that men are supposed to have with God, the planet and with the natural cycles and rhythms of which I speak, beloved. Most people today have largely been PROGRAMMED to disregard their connection to the rhythms of the earth and to the cosmos, and they have learned to DISMISS AND DISTRUST their God-given voice of inner knowing.

We’re at the dawn of a new day though.

Some people are waking up.

Thank God