Live Faith and Live Works

Let me just say here that SALVATION IS OF THE LORD, and we are NOT saved from hell to go to heaven but we are saved from DEATH TO LIFE! This process of bringing us from death to life STARTS with the free gift of the salvation of our spirit and with God’s righteousness imputed to us so that we can fellowship with the Father and eventually get the rest of us saved! This “rest of us” is our souls and our bodies, and there are A LOT OF SPIRIT DIRECTED AND SPIRIT EMPOWERED WORKS that accompany us along the path that leads to the full and complete salvation of our souls!

Now I’m not saying that we can add anything to the work that was accomplished for us at Calvary, but I am saying here that when there is a good measure of Christ’s life formed in us then we can’t help but DO what Christ DOES, and God uses EVEN THAT (the works) for our further PERFECTING! The works that He does through us is not only evidence of HIS LIFE WORKING IN AND THROUGH US but He also uses it (them) to make us more like Him!

Dear saints, James said that if we have FAITH but we have not works then OUR FAITH IS DEAD! He implied that it’s not real LIVE FAITH at work in us if there are no real LIVE WORKS through us, for REAL FAITH IS THE FAITH OF GOD AT WORK IN US and THAT KIND OF FAITH produces GODLY WORKS!!

Beloved, the salvation of our souls is something that MUST be worked out in us in a very real way before God. This is what brings us to the place of UTTER OBEDIENCE to the Father. This is NOT an easy thing. The apostle Paul said (after over 20 years of ministry) that he had not yet attained to such a place. He also said that THIS was his goal.

Dear ones, as far as I understand it, to attain to the salvation of our souls is to come to a place where our mind, will, and emotions are in complete subjection to the Hoy Spirit. This, I believe, is what it takes to ATTAIN TO the blessed and holy first resurrection.

Anyway … ‘ll end this right here, and maybe I’ll share some things on “the first resurrection” a little bit later.

Bless you!