The Light Energy in Food

So now, more to the energy side of things, I’m going to share a little bit about the LIGHT ENERGY that is contained (or not contained) in the food that we eat…

Beloved, when we eat raw fruits, vegetables and herbs, foods that are alive, they have more than just their enzymes and nutrition (with their micronutrients and macronutrients) intact, they also have an electrical and magnetic field of BIO-PHOTONIC ENERGY (measurable in bio-photons or angstroms) intact, so eating them brings bio-photons and electrical charge INTO our body which recharges our body’s cells.

We are electro-magnetic beings, LIGHT-BEINGS, and every cell in our body emits subtle light frequencies which are all part of a photo-lumiscent communications system amongst our fifty to one hundred trillion cells. So, before chemistry and before blood, and before lymph there is LIGHT literally moving in and through our cells.

So, if we largely consume dead foods, dead chemical substances and dead medications we are not refueling the bio-field of the body very well, and this is why we’ve known for thousands of years that fresh fruits and vegetables heal. They heal through nutrition and also through THE LIGHT ENERGY that they carry.

I think that as people learn and grow in their knowledge of the human bio-field and its light energy, all forms of medicine, chemistry and biology will be revolutionized – men coming to see that the vibrational human bio-field precedes (supersedes) all chemical messengers, and even healing will then be revolutionized with people understanding that “disease” is quantifiably just A DEFICIENCY OF LIGHT in the body and a resultant chaos in the human bio-field.

The short of it, Folks, is that live food emits A COHERENT FREQUENCY which when eaten brings coherency back to the body, and this is why we’re seeing people healed now of so many things. Of course, there are other ways too of bringing coherency back, and this is where energy medicine, essential oils, prayer and even healing passes (the impartation of “healing virtue” from one person to another) comes in.

Maybe more on all that later…