The Lifeline of New Perspectives

Most of us have had many religious ideas about the meaning of Christ and Antichrist programmed into our intellectual database – the Christian religion for very many centuries now having presented itself as the ultimate authority on these topics. The problem with this is that the Christian religion itself was long ago taken over by the consciousness of the Anti-christ, and this means that the consciousness of Anti-christ has defined the outer doctrines, teachings and rules that have come to define Christianity. This also means that the consciousness of Anti-christ has defined what many people see as Anti-christ. So, for them, Anti-christ has defined itself.

Basically, Beloved, Antichrist is a state of consciousness, as Christ and even “the kingdom of God” are a state of consciousness. This is why Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” This is essential to understand for those who wish to step onto the path which takes man far above and beyond the consciousness of Anti-christ. Of course, this path is the way of THE DIRECT, INNER CONNECTION TO THE SPIRIT, the consciousness of Christ.

This leads me to say a few things about “the Key of Knowledge,” the key which opens doors through which we can make connections to spiritual beings, teachers and guides who are above and beyond our current state of consciousness. In this way the Key of Knowledge not only opens spiritual doors, but it serves to open up our mental boxes and perception filters by making way for us to pass through those doors.

Lately I’ve been touching on why we need something from outside of our current perception filters and mental boxes to help free us, to awaken us, and this is because our current state of mind is often too influenced by the consciousness of Anti-christ to get free by itself. You might say that the consciousness of Anti-christ is like quicksand, in that the more that we struggle with it, the deeper we sink into it.

How do we get out of it then? Well, first we must BE STILL, we must stop struggling with it. This, of course, only stops the downward pull. The only way to actually get out of the quicksand is for something from outside of the Anti-christ system to throw us A LIFELINE that we can grab onto and use to pull ourself up to a new level of consciousness (we’re talking about NEW PERSPECTIVES here, folks).

The thing is; all human beings on earth are currently blinded by the consciousness of Anti-christ to a greater or smaller degree, in most cases to a very great degree, and as I have shared, someone cannot get out of this by using the consciousness of Anti-christ. In other words, we cannot reason our way out of one state of consciousness to get to a higher state, but we actually need NEW PERSPECTIVES presented to us which our inner man can grab onto and pull us up.

Getting back to the Key of Knowledge for a moment, genuine spiritual teachers help people to use the Key of Knowledge to unlock and activate the faculties that are built into the mind of their inner man, and this is why these teachers REDIRECT people’s attention INWARD to where they can discover the kingdom of God within themselves.

That all said, are you getting a glimpse yet of what has happened to the Christian religion? It has, for the most part, taken away the Key of Knowledge, most of the leaders and teachers there having not entered into the kingdom that is within themselves yet and them also hindering (in ways that I won’t try to describe here) those who desire to enter. Of course, Jesus said the very same thing about the Jewish religious leaders and teachers in his day.

In order to enter the kingdom of God that is WITHIN YOU, Beloved, you have to be willing to look at yourself, your own mind, your own psychology and your own consciousness. You have to be willing to see that you have elements of the consciousness of Anti-christ in your own mind. You have to be willing to see what they are, and then you have to be willing to CHOOSE LIFE – choose the life of Christ consciousness over the death of Anti-christ consciousness.

You also have to choose to LEAVE YOUR NETS and follow the Living Christ wherever he takes you. The nets are a symbol for your entanglement with the collective consciousness on earth and your entanglement with the mindsets of your local community and family. This is why Jesus said that those who love their family more than him are not worthy of him. It does not really mean that they are not worthy, it simply means that they are not capable of fully following the Living Christ yet because of their conscious state of being.