Life…Even From Ravens

I’ve been meditating this morning on the life and ministry of Elijah, especially the part where Elijah is sent to the brook “Cherith.” Cherith means “to cut,” and I believe that this speaks of the covenant cutting that was going on between God and Elijah at the time. God was essentially saying to Elijah, “If you do this, then I will do that.”

But there was also something very unusual that God was doing IN Elijah at this time. Elijah was being brought to a place of utter obedience to God even in seemingly unscriptural and strange circumstances. I’m thinking of Elijah’s being “fed by ravens” here, as ravens were considered to be unclean birds by the Israelites, but GOD was commanding for Elijah (an Israelite) to be fed by them!

Now, the legal mind of the Pharisee could not understand this relationship that Elijah had with God, so the Pharisee-types would certainly condemn Elijah for his behavior, but the mind of Christ was revealing to Elijah that there is a LAW and a PURPOSE that is beyond the LETTER of the WORD and beyond men’s simple knowledge of good and evil – right and wrong. Yeah, Elijah was learning to just hear from God and then obey Him in whatever He asks. Yes, Elijah was learning to EAT from the very WORD that proceeds from God’s mouth rather than eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In a time when dead religion abounded in the land of Israel, Elijah was ALIVE and WELL because he was eating of LIFE … even when that LIFE was delivered to him by ravens.